This plugin re-enables old CS sound “The bomb has been defused! With three commands, you can set the plugin, see below. Optionnaly, you can set the flash color at the RGB format see examples below. When someone attacks you within X amount of seconds of round start, he will take the same damage that he is dealing to you. You can reset the hitzones too. This is not true!

amxmodx 1.8.1 for cs 1.6

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anti camping plugin amxmodx add-ons

Info zone plugin has a build menu, handy for everyone. But if he releases the key inside a solid part like being blockedhe will die!

amxmodx 1.8.1 for cs 1.6

But press multiple times the key instead of keep pressing without release it for a perfect working. Rocket Launcher RPGv0.

amxmodx 1.8.1 for cs 1.6

Adds a trail effect to any grenade. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne EN. The exclusive amxjodx plugin for models! You can edit the list of the precached monster models to change them see the top of the. In fact, Bullet Axmmodx is enabled for all players.


Most of you do know that smoke grenades have many bugs. Another plugin for those admins who like vs abuse their players and have a little fun. Adds a slow motion effect on some action, such as C4 explosion, death It can be replaced by anything you want. It doesn’t provide lot of features like it, this is just a simple mod which can be fun some fir, nothing else.

See the top of the. Well you can now control it a bit with this plugin! This plugin allows server admins to auto-slay players. Amx commands are entered in console by player. There are a lot of people that know the worms games. Full Server Idler Kicker. Round timer will be disabled for maps that doesn’t contain any objectives.

Open game panel – Discussion Forum: CS Addon [Metamod + AMX mod X ] LINUX

Put it in your “amx. This plugin displays a players true health whenever it is changed. Basically, there is no equivalent in the CS world! This plugin punishes players who flash their teamates. Changes the HP health of the hostages. For information, IP spam are messages like that: You can also enable knife arena mode.


When a CT is spawned, he gets a free defuser kit. Players can reset their score and money controled by a cvar. Some of bugs are: The amxmkdx cvars let you know that the plugin contains many features.

amxmodx 1.8.1 for cs 1.6

You can also see players max ground speeds, to check if one has a speed hack. This plugin adds sounds on the unused cheer command from CS and CZ. Please use either one, either the other, not both!

Also, make sure the “adminmodels.