Are you sure you installed the right one because it works fine for me. The characters feel slippery when they jump and the stronger characters move too fast to control properly. Need to work on game.. That’s not the problem in this though. This is organized one. The Lethal Chronicles 0. There are some mods which are moleboxed.

bleach lf2 mod

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Little Fighter Bleach Bankai Revolution 2 Free Download

The Battle of Ninjas: First of all you may start with originator of these mods i. I have thoroughly read your post and it seems appealing in many things. Lf2 bleach bankai revolution free download. Graphically, some characters could have had better animations like walking being a half-step jog. Mediafire Naruto Shippuden LF2 v1. Here you can download little fighter bleach bankai revolution 2 shared files: Mediafire World War II: Screenshots would help show everyone what each mod looks like.


Yahoo viet nam This is created by Marti Wong. Well there are a few of them Thx.

Bleach Bankai Revolution 1.6.6 Download

Now you guys will be able to enjoy BBR 2. Tried lbeach out though. So if any of you have it, please upload. Bleach LF2 New Beta: Mediafire One Piece LF2: I am planning on making a video but have some internet problems here.

bleach lf2 mod

The Henkay Advenshin 0. Don’t concentrate on those.

bleach lf2 mod

Ragnarok Offline Client Download. I looked bleaach sprites up online and realized that Ichigo’s walking on SSF2 was custom-made, however, so it’s somewhat understandable. Baixe vrias verses criadas por fans de Little Fighter que so um estouro de. There is no need for installing, it has to be simply extracted then it should work.

Bleach Bankai Revolution – Mods

The Akatsuki Return 0. Ninja Way The Game: Okay guys, I present you: Site is about Little Fighter 2.

To share posts, head to your live site. I thank ,f2 for your quality post. Ask someone else to do it. Need to work on game.


bleach lf2 mod

I will try and post screen-shots asap. These are all Bleach anime based mods. That’s not the problem in this though.

According to Anime, Vizards are actually OP but to implement it blindly on LF2 makes them nearly impossible to defeat.