According to MyFonts ‘while it is not strictly a font intended for setting body copy, the resulting family does function well at text sizes’. According to Google, Open Sans is ‘a humanist sans serif typeface’. Roboto is nothing but legible, and paired with Roboto Condensed and Roboto Slab, it’s a smart, versatile, and rightly much-used web font. To have a font that is beautifully crafted, spaced well, with not a chink in a curve or anything – perfectly drawn but hopefully with a bit of personality. Basic Subsetting Western languages.

brandon grotesque webfont

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A monospace font, designed for printed code listings, Inconsolata can also add a stylised, modern feel to a portfolio or gallery site and monospaced fonts have been incredibly popular recently. Easily, by script import, by import on css, or JS.

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Joeytje50 14k 7 7 gold badges 50 50 silver badges 72 72 bronze badges. Basic Subsetting Western languages. And inFutura saw a resurgence although it never really went away.

But as well as in print, Adelle renders brilliantly on screen with eight of its styles optimised for low resolution rendering.

See more Web design typography. Here we bring you our list of the top 20 web fonts of last year. This font design was inspired by old posters groteque signs in Buenos Aires neighbourhood Montserrat.


brandon grotesque webfont

It is a well behaved child but also hrandon clever one, respectful of its sans serif parents while bringing them new joy. Please honor the EULAs of your fonts.

Sign up for our mailing list. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. You’ll also find it paired with Clarendon on design agency Hello Monday ‘s site. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

brandon grotesque webfont

So that’s why is didn’t work. Effra is a clean and versatile font with subtle spacing and ‘humanist design details’. See it used in a brilliant way on the catalogue site of Swiss art book publisher Edition Patrick Frey. You can too load fonts from Google Fonts.

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Make sure you grotesqur it out and bookmark it – it’s a fantastic way to find out what Webfonts are used on different sites and indeed the popularity of webfonts. Comma Feature List Example: Basic Subsetting Western languages Custom Subsetting Extensis’ useful blog post at was also a great help – although that list is simply the company’s most popular fonts i.

Effra has its roots in Caslon Junior – an early sans serif designed in If you are seeing this message, you probably have an ad blocker turned on. Version 2 has the complete character set. It was designed to be a body text face that is easy to read on screen at any size. Sign up using Email and Password. Or do I have to add some code? Improving the question-asking experience. Designed by ParaType, PT Serif is a brilliant free web font that’s perfect for reams of text – it’s brilliantly legible at any size.


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Want to see it in action? Australian clothing site The Iconic is one of many sites using Proxima Nova. Rounded terminals; quirky yet not too quirky; legible and with a wide range of weights and italics – it all adds up to Omnes being a very useful font for a wide range of online purposes. Redesigned in by Olivier Gourvat, this typeface now supports a wide range of languages with more than glyphs. Josh Darden of Darden Studio designed Omnes in By coupling Brandon Grotesque for headlines with Brandon Text for body, you have a stylish solution for clean, crisp portfolio sites.