Updates individual records in place: BGrid Control for Btrieve. If it’s shareware or freeware and I have it, you can also download the stuff here. Vo2 Btrieve Standard What is btrieve Btrieve is a very popular file system used worldwide in a lot of applications, such as accounting systems. Locates corrupted records and attempts to infer information about the spot of the error, including if possible key information.

btrieve viewer

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Btrieve development tools

You have to register it to actually do anything useful. It allows viewing, editing, inserting, deleting records and more. Btrieve Pervasive Data Definition File Maker Btrieve Pervasive Data Definition File Maker is a lightweight application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of managing your databases.

The Btrieve Pervasive Data Definition Advanced File Recovery Tool to handle btroeve file formats through v9. It has been in use from the early DOS ages, and is still being used by a lot Rapidly reads btrisve files to populate the database cache after a server restart. It’s vieqer for Btrieve 4. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the latest versions of stuff, so if you happen to have newer version or have something that I don’t have at all, please send it to viwwer nomad.


This page has list of development tools that I know about. BVIEW uses external files, called descriptors, for storing information about record and index structure, allowing you to view records in a friendly way. Btrieve files do not include any record description; records are treated as byte streams.


Edit records in clipboard. Copy to and insert from clipboard single and multiple records. For an additional page with more information about a tool when availableclick on the tool description. Collects file statistics, useful for monitoring and trending of file growth via a script. Possibly disruptive to applications.

Has advanced recovery features, optimum page size calculator.

btrieve viewer

To purchase a permanent license for any of these products, please contact us. Inserts test data rapidly to stress-test the database engine.

btrieve viewer

This one needs BTI developers toolkit as well. Useful for analyzing variable-record files for use with DataExchange and to locate out of spec records. This shareware version of KeyCheck can be used to verify index structures within a Btrieve file. Visual Btrieve File Saver Visual tool btrirve read, extract and restore Btrieve data without the database.


Does just what Novell’s Bdebug does, but has brtieve way to turn it off or resize the window to which the information is displayed.

vlewer A MUST for database administrators! Create and edit descriptors. Btrieve DB Maker Btrieve DB Maker is a lightweight application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of managing your databases. Search for records using any defined key. I hope this statement makes the people at Google happy. Has documentation and example code.

Moves Btrieve records from one file to another as an aid to archiving or data file recovery. Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file. A definite must-have for every developer.

May need to be customized for each record type.