Jewelry and accessories event bags, bijoux, shoes, scarves etc linked to crafts part of the traditional and haute couture fashion events. The administrative organization and the decision making process will be based on principles of corruption prevention, which are excellent guidelines for sound project management. Networking and exchange 1. Rikkai is well-versed in tap, hip hop, contemporary, improvisations, and urban dance. Creating an artist corner at the Gr and Cultural Market only accessible to artists participating and non participating.

carifesta 2013 song

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CARIFESTA XIV: Trinidad & Tobago announces a bigger and better festival – Kariculture

slng It will be the first time the Dutch-speaking CARICOM country will host the event under the new model prescribed in the strategic plan developed in Showcase Theater A restricted number of re gular productions as show case for arts and culture promoters. Culture, as the foundation for development models and visions According to Mervyn Claxton, all models of develo pment are essentially cultural: This theme speaks to the connectivity of the Caribbean region brought about by our common history and heritage.

Dance – this part of the programme is all-embracing and covers courtly Javanese dancing, intricate ballet, earthy folk plays, dramatic modern choreography, classical Indian movements, spontaneous improvisations and pop.

carifesta 2013 song

Part of the traditional and haute couture fashion events 4. Design and implement a lobby an d advocacy campaign aimed at parliament and government, using CARIFESTA as demonstration for benefits of culture for national development.

CARIFESTA XIII : Barbados promises an explosion of culture

Embassy outreach in Linden. Terms of references for all positions wi ll be available on the website.


Place greater emphasis on cultural industry development and festival tourism development 1. Export marketing export cariifesta workshops for a select number of categories of cultural entrepreneurs.

Ensure media buy in 5. Culture, crisis and repression Do we still dare to speak truth to powe r? There are similar related traditions in the Bahamas, St. Specific attention will be given to producers of 1.

Country Nights will be part of the folk village 4 1 1 SH O W C A S E S Several showcases skng be organised for arts and culture promoterssome show cases are special events, specifically for the promoters, others are just part of regular programming. Trinidad and Tobago has taken up the challenge of hosting the event in from August 16th to 25th for the fourth time under the theme “Connect, Share Invest”.

Department of Community & Cultural Affairs – CARIFESTA XIII

They participated under the Guyana Arts and Craft Association and enjoyed the regional exposure. The biggest event of the week will no doubt be the highly The public may participate in the murals. Culture, not just as an economic driver, but as th e core of our identity, the expression of ourselves through our arts, our languages, the source of our dreams and aspira tions.

Folklore – groups from over a dozen countries reveal the colour and the mystery of Caribbean and Latin American folklore and legend, among them the Conjunto Folklorico Nacionale of Cubathe Ol’Higue and Baccos of Guyana, Shango dancers from TrinidadShac Shac musicians from Dominica. Trustee moves to take over Cariifesta property. Visual Arts exhibition b.


carifesta 2013 song

Youth Village meeting point for young artists for workshops and networking. His training began at the age of four at United Dance Productions Bermuda where he trained in all foundations of dance. First set up organizational structur e, identify jobs then recruit Logistically 20113 1. Home Pepperpot Lead Stories Carifesta through the years. In addition, over events will be spread across both islands in different genres.


In the bidding process, the pr oven capacity, relevant experience and quality of proposal will be the cornerstones of selection. In some countries, the creative industries are emerging as a strategic choice for reinvigorating economic growth, employment and social cohesion Further development of these industries will contribute to carifesfa achievement of goals related to poverty reduction, diversification of the tourism product through the promotion of cultural and festiv al tourism, and the positive engagement of the youth in the Region.

carifesta 2013 song

Results selection Communication of results selection procedure, and requirement of final confirmation Suriname 20 April 9. Regular meetings and consultations with all stakeholders are part of the timeline through a designed advocacy and participation plan. Dead is Mark Jacobus, who hails from the Aranaputa Diversity in programming 1.