Verifying the certificate fingerprint After you have authenticated successfully, you will see a dialog similar to Figure These options are discussed in the Troubleshooting section. Creating a new site after the topology download Now that you’ve added the site, you can attempt to connect to it. A wizard takes you through saving the certificate to a file or smart card, then specifying the gateway IP and registration key. What Is a Firewall? Overall, the new features in SecuRemote and SecureClient bring even tighter control, security, and flexibility to client VPN deployment.

checkpoint vpn-1 securemote connection

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Remote Secure Access​

Planning Your FireWall-1 Installation. What Is a Firewall? Right-click on the SecureClient envelope in the desktop tray and select Open or Configure. How to Configure Encryption. Beginning the FireWall-1 Installation.

At this point, you will be prompted for authentication. Right-click on this icon and select Open or Configure, depending on which mode the client was installed in. Common Error Messages in the System Log.

Configuring SecuRemote on FireWall-1

These types of rules are used in Traditional mode policies. This figure shows a blank configuration with no sites.


checkpoint vpn-1 securemote connection

To allow the vpn1 to access other Internet hosts as well, change Rule 4 so that checkpoiny action is Accept, as shown in Figure Selecting an Operating System. Creating Users for Use with SecuRemote You can employ the same users you created for User Authentication for outbound access to authenticate SecuRemote users for connecton access. If using the simplified VPN setup, you also need to add the gateway object to the Remote Access community. There is no reason not to include support for the Desktop Security features by also installing SecureClient, even if you do not plan to use it right away.

Configure the global properties. Securing Your Bastion Host. If you change modes, you will have to restart the client. A user group that is allowed to access the Policy Server must be specified in the Authentication frame see Figure During installation, you will be asked if you want to install SecuRemote or SecureClient.

The actions are limited to Accept, Block, and Encrypt.

checkpoint vpn-1 securemote connection

On this tab, you can also specify whether to log or alert when this user logs in via SecuRemote. Now that you’ve added the site, you can attempt to connect to it.


On the other hand, SecureClient will cost you to deploy. You would select the Password option only if you want to use a fixed password. Make sure the correct version for your particular operating system is installed.

These options are discussed in the Troubleshooting section. The user can initiate a connection to the Conenction but not to the VPN. IKE parameters are defined on a per-gateway basis. Users must install SecuRemote before they can use it.

E Check Point Remote Access Clients for Windows

During the installation process, your only secuemote are all or nothing; that is, you cannot choose to install interfaces only on specific adapters. Setting Up Client Authentication.

Configure the gateway object for SecuRemote. User Properties, Encryption tab Figure User Properties, Certificates tab There are two ways to issue a certificate for a user: