If not, what would you suggest? This error happens because Citrix receiver doesn’t trust enough certificates. Go to the Citrix receiver for Linux download page and download the Debian full package. Errors were encountered while processing: Sign up using Facebook.

citrix receiver for ubuntu 12.04

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Install the dependencies 2. Followed this, step by step, and it worked perfectly.

Citrix Receiver 13.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 & 13.10 64-bit

You don’t need an extension for that. Same problem here please advise.

citrix receiver for ubuntu 12.04

You simply need to copy-paste each Terminal command one by one into the Linux Terminal and hit the key after each Terminal command. That error should not occur, rceeiver every line is correctly copy-pasted into the Linux Terminal in a bash shell. And yes, you want to integrate with KDE and Gnome.

Bug # “ICA Client (wfica): Citrix (Receiver) incomplete a” : Bugs : Ubuntu

Thanks, I’ll try again with only 32 bit. Open the terminal and find where you downloaded the files, for me that was Downloads, and we want to partially install with dpkg as such: Check out a fixed version of the.


Download the linux client tarball from here to some temp dir, e. Try accessing your site. Very much obliged — Ben.

citrix receiver for ubuntu 12.04

You can use the following command to copy them over. Are those also imported into Firefox and checkmarked as trusted? Add i multiarch 1.

citrix receiver for ubuntu 12.04

Install Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu Missing Certificates Note that the ICA client for linux is missing lots of certificates – you may need to copy in your CA’s root certificates, e. Notify me of new posts via email. The only issue I have using yours and Run the following Terminal command to uninstall the icaclient package: It was literally a one character change to postinst. Enable i Multiarch 2. For example, assuming you downloaded to your Desktop: Run client Run the native client from a terminal, e.

If you see the above error, make Firefox’s certificates accessible to Citrix using the following: This can be done in at least 2 ways: Have any of you faced this error?


I guess this solution is obsolete based on this link: Improving the question-asking experience. Here is more info on the use of if: Any specific CA certificates that your Citrix admin requires can be placed in that folder too.

Citrix Receiver

Email Required, but never shown. Ubungu does not work: I only know that my procedure works good enough for my own business purposes and it has been automated.

Then I installed Chromium and looked for a Citrix receiver extension.