Download full-size image DOI: The geo-spatial data generated by GeoClaw has particular visualization requirements. These equations are used, for instance, to model inundation caused by tsunamis and dam breaks, as well as to model atmospheric flows. Posted on 01 Dec But here are some things I hope we can accomplish in the next few years: The VisClaw tools extend the functionality of the Version 4. This is made possible by compiling all of the Riemann solvers when PyClaw is installed and generating Python wrappers with f2py.


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The repositories are publicly coordinated under the Clawpack organization on GitHub https: The VisClaw tools extend the functionality of the Version 4.

Clawpack: building an open source ecosystem for solving hyperbolic PDEs [PeerJ]

In the unsplit algorithm, Clawpack also makes use of transverse Riemann solvers, responsible for computing transport between cells that are only corner in 2d or edge in 3d adjacent. Because of this attitude, the code is continually improved through incorporation of new algorithmic innovations. This is made possible by compiling all of the Riemann solvers when PyClaw is installed and generating Python wrappers with f2py. Reading that conference paper now, I am struck by how it incorporated many of the ideals of scientific software development that we now discuss as if they were new ideas.

A number of the repositories have seen only minor changes as the bulk of the development is focused on current research interests.

Clawpack turns 20

If you are following multiple publications then we will send you no more than ckawpack email per day or week based on your preferences. Second, it serves as a synchronization point for the project repositories. The GeoClaw branch of Clawpack was developed to clawpqck the two-dimensional shallow water equations over topography for modeling tsunami generation, propagation, and inundation.


Summarize the development model we have adopted, for managing open source scientific software projects with many contributors, and.

The wave-propagation algorithm originally implemented in Clawpack and still used in much of the code is based on using the waves resulting from claepack Riemann solution together with limiter functions to achieve second-order accuracy where the solution is smooth together with sharp resolution of discontinuities without spurious numerical oscillations see LeVeque for a detailed description of the algorithms. They say that the culture of an open-source software community is shaped strongly by its founder, and I think Clawpack is no exception.


Figure 2 shows two snapshots of the solution to a three-dimensional shock-bubble interaction problem found in the Clawpack apps repository, illustrating localized phenomena requiring adaptive refinement. In PyClawthese routines —including the Riemann solver itself —are selected at run-time, rather than at compile-time.


In practice, the Clawpack software has frequently included changes in minor version releases that were not entirely backwards compatible, but these have been relatively minor and documented in the release notes. More advanced three-dimensional plotting capabilities are planned for future releases of VisClaw.

The original Clawpack was first released as a software package in and since then has made major strides in both capability and interface. Other features, such as gauges, borders on AMR grids, and user specified regions can also be shown on Google Earth.

This cclawpack be useful for constraining refinement, e.


These systems have important applications in aerodynamics, climate and weather modeling, and astrophysics. This is true even for nonlinear problems, where the waves may be shocks or rarefaction waves through which the solution varies continuously in a self-similar manner.


Usage since published – updated daily. Your download will start in a moment New users may wish to read Which Clawpack solver should I use? The introduction of backwards-incompatible changes require that the major version be incremented. The limited capabilities of matplotlib in 3D seem to finally be providing sufficient impetus to force us to integrate with a sophisticated visualization library.

In some cases, the Riemann solver may also be designed to enforce physical properties like positivity e. Version control The Clawpack team uses the Git distributed version control system to coordinate development of each major project. These files are written in the markup language reStructured Text http: For instance, Code that is easy to read and usewith plentiful documentation and examples.

Also please cite the recent article:. Chief among these are the ability to generate output to webpages, where a series of plots can be viewed individually or as an animated time sequence using the Javascript package https: This type of refinement solves the PDE on a hierarchy of logically rectangular grids.

Releases Although Clawpack is continuously developed, it is convenient for users to be able to install stable claapack of the software. To this end a number of the broad efforts that are being considered for the next major release of Clawpack include.

Clawpack is based on Godunov-type finite volume methods in which the solution is represented by cell averages.