The mistake can be easily corrected if the English learner bears in mind that at the end of words, both in the case of the plural of nouns and in the different endings of verbs, the letter i must never be pronounced as a separate sound, in such cases the respective word ending in a palatalized consonant. The plosive consonants In Rumanian there are 8 plosive consonants while in English there are 6. Este acesta un pantof? Este aceasta o camasa? A number of Feminine Nouns denot- ing professions, activities etc. Ion si Petre slnt studenti. Nu, el nu e student; el e elev.

copilita fara minte patricia

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Does John learn with difficulty?

copilita fara minte patricia

Affirmative Negative Acesta este un baiat. Ce culoare are pisica? Do you learn easily? Put the nouns in brackets into the genitive case.

Patricia si Anotimpul 5

Where is the sun? Acesta este un baiat. She has brown shoes. John learns very well.


copilita fara minte patricia

Elevele a vorbi bine romineste. Ce culoare are usa? Ciinele femeii e in curte.

copilita fara minte patricia

Noi ii dam raspunsurile la intrebari si el le scrie pe tabla. Tom has a very big dog; it fopilita bigger than Helen’s. This is a table. Acolo sint trei eleve.

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Totodata, autorii s-au straduit in mod permanent ca manualul sa fie pstricia numai cuprinzator si sistematic, ci si atragator si viu. Who is this man?

The shoes are mine. Toma este eel mai mare dintre baieti. Ana si Maria sint mai mari decit Ioana. II can, to be able putin, putina adj.

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These shoes are theirs. Da, ei invata bine. Aceste cravate sint albastre. Traduceti In limba romina: He can speak a little Rumanian.

Here is the present indicative o; this Verb.: Ghetele [Pavel sint sub masa. The Rumanian triphthongs A combination of three vowel sounds belonging patriciz the same syllable constitutes a triphthong.


What are you learning now?

Acesti pantofi smt maro. In Rumanian there are three genders: A self- taught course of Rumanian for adults with different professions. In clasa profesorul citeste rar si cu glas tare textul lectiei noi. Pisica noastra e alba. Do all the stu- dents learn foreign languages?