After you have modified any configuration file, to apply the changes you will need to restart DansGuardian. Zentyal has the option to use Dansguardian as a proxy server with a web interface. A value of 0 means nothing of that category is allowed, whereas a value of 1 allows it. I always test a lot before I release something, but I always worry. The link is http: I also edited dansguardian. It is entirely command line and web-based, and meant to be used in conjunction with a web proxy such as Squid.

dansguardian gui

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This script is somewhat disposable. Incidentally I have successfully set it up on Xubuntu and everything works fine adds menu entries also.

Hopefully someone here with a little more knowledge can help you get this sorted out. I think I agree with an article I read that indicated the Linux community’s biggest shortcoming in getting people to bail on MS Windows is simply that despite the wealth of information on Linux, it seems to be hard for us newcomers to find the real basic info as we try to get our feet dansgguardian.

Calv Well, you can go to Synaptic and “Completely Remove” dansguardian, tinyproxy, firehol, clamav. Also, might be a good idea to discourage Kubuntu users to install this script. The dansguardian GUI was built with Gambas so you will need the gambas runtime files.


How To: Dansguardian Web Content Filter w/GUI (my version) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Will this script also work for Feisty Fawn? For URL blacklists, edit the bannedurllist in a similar way. This setting alters the format of the DansGuardian log file. In fact I am behind on getting it updated. A fork of Dansguardian with many improvements and bug fixes, e2Guardian [13] is a web content filtering proxy that works in conjunction with another caching proxy such as Squid or Oops. To block an entire site, see bannedsitelist. These are all explained below:.


If so you will need to install zenity, gksu, and gedit for the GUI to work. If a bsl or bul.

dansguardian gui

This will prevent DoS attacks killing the server with too many spawned processes. It primarily runs in Linux and other Unixes. Their are currently two scripts, one for Dapper and one for Edgy.

Once you have finished running the script immediately reboot your computer. Try browsing to other sites with inappropriate content or a site gul your banned site list and you should receive a site blocked message.

I hope you enjoy.

dansguardian gui

It can say just ‘Access Denied’, or report why, or report why dansguardiaan what the denied phrase is. DansGuardian support list Mailing list. The default settings with DansGuardian are set for youngish children, for example mild profanities and artistic nudity are allowed.


dansguardian gui

Combinations of phrases can also be used, which if they are all found in a page, it is blocked. Thanks Jereme, just installed this on a machine I built for my friends kids, and so far it seems perfect.

Sorry for your trouble. The same patches added here will be available in the next release too. Is enough to ‘sudo apt-get remove firestarter’ prior to running the script, or do i need to modify any other configs iptables?

is there a GUI tool for dansguardian

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

See the weightedphraselist file for examples. This is for blocking or limiting uploads, not for blocking forms without any file upload. See the Naughtyness Limit description within the dansguardian.

This contains a list of banned file extensions. Yes, the DG configuration is set for “young children” by default.