However, David Sancious and Tone were hardly musical veterans. The Asbury Park music scene was vibrant. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Equally influenced by Mozart or Thelonious Monk , he would frequently use classical music or jazz during intros or instrumental breaks. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. David, who was born on November 30th , first started playing piano aged seven. Great musicianship, but after listening you possibly will remember some separate pieces and moments, but hardly all album as whole work.

david sancious transformation

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David Sancious

Sky Church Hymn 9 8: They realised that Forest Of Feeling was an album of groundbreaking music. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He duets with himself on acoustic guitar. Their debut album was Forest Of Feeling. It turns more uptempo though with some ripping guitar okay i’m impressed before ending the way it began. For David Sancious and Tone this a huge disappointment.

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Recording Location Caribou Ranch Studios. I do hope fans of groups that combine jazz-fusion with 70s instrumental progressive rock will check this out, poor David, he really deserved much more recognition than he received.

david sancious transformation

Songs of Hope Sancious’ work with Tone was a radical departure from the music he played with Springsteen; Tone explored progressive rock and instrumental jazz fusion and had more in common with Yes or early Genesis than Sancious’ former boss.


The album opens with Piktor’s Metamorphisis, a jazz-rock processional tune with lots of great synth soloing that is equal parts Camel, Jan Hammer and ELP. The Play and Display of the Heart. Tenderly, wind chimes make their presence felt.

DAVID SANCIOUS David Sancious & Tone: Transformation (The Speed Of Love) reviews

Progressive rock and szncious fusion melted into one on Forest Of Feeling. Forest of Feelings Sony You are commenting using your Google account. This is a compelling combination, where David becomes a one man band. He was an early sanciojs of Bruce Springsteen ‘s backing group, the E Street Bandand contributed to the first three Springsteen albums, and again on the Human TouchTracksand Western Stars From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved May 6, Later, fusion is the next genre Transformatiob make a fleeting visit to, on a truly genre-melting homage to a musical legend, Jimi Hendrix. Good song but i’m not overy impressed. Love Devotion Surrender Illuminations Oneness: Mostly, though, the blues are the starting point as Tone get into the deepest of grooves. Learn how your comment data is processed.

After Sancious’ fiery guitar pyrotechnics on the blues tracks, Play And Display Of The Heart is a welcome rest, a slow-starting fusion piece starting on a classic piano and later a slightly more jazzy guitar, but not at first and remains in the mostly in the symphonic sorry to use this word for a sole piano realm.


Sancious plays this song with the expected Hendrixisms, but David turns it up to eleven by adding some nice McLaughlin and Jeff Beck licks too. Retrieved August 6, I just missed concept feeling, the music often sounded as great demonstration of some musical pieces, not too much connected between each other. Santana’s Greatest Hits Viva Santana!

david sancious transformation

This is the signal for David to unleash some scorching, rocky guitar licks. In David recorded with Robbie Dupree and received wide appeal for this very intimate yransformation.

Beginning as a nearly martial prog rock anthem, it strikes out for parts unknown with multiple chord and mode progressions weaving to and fro as the rhythm section moves in double time before underscoring labyrinthine, even soaring electric guitar lyricism and funky organ vamps.

david sancious transformation

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