Cleaner provides an even more useful statistic: Like Disk Cleaner above, this app promises to help you clean up your hard drive. Learning how to use Excel’s more advanced features can be tough. Which is great, but you can do it for free with industry-standard tools. This was the money well spent for a program! A Comparison That Clears the Confusion. Cleaner was three times faster than Memory Clean!

disk doctor fiplab

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Disk Doctor

The fact that the same developer released Adware Doctor and Adware Removal should be a warning sign. First of all, it’s Dann, with two Ns, as is listed above in the byline. But I just bought it from the Mac App Store for a couple of bucks to show support to the developer.

Cleaner does quite well against the Fiplab apps. I wish it could tell me a little bit more about the files its finding such as old, large dsik files because if it did, I could probably identify more space to clear. Second, no, I haven’t used all of these apps, because there are free alternatives that provide the same functionality or at least close.

Additionally, you may not know that Dr.


disk doctor fiplab

I fipoab used this application on 4 devices over almost 7 years now and I just continue to trust and rely on it more and more. The only thing you can do diak manually move an item to another file or folder and then run the program again, which is a significant number of extra steps.

Which ones are better than the free alternatives listed? Wise Mac users know that despite the basic security features built into Mac OS X, they still need a robust security program such as Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac to protect themselves against the many advanced threats aimed at them daily from email, the web, or social networks.

Cleaner gives you the total memory in use, while Memory Cleaner gives you the total free memory available. What do you need to know about free software? Choose what languages you want to remove. Apple actually has all kinds of options available Some of your applications automatically create log files that can end up becoming quite large. It seems that Dan hasn’t used half these apps and simply knows about some free alternatives. Just download Anti-Malware for Mac. Empty your trash can to prevent unneeded files taking up space.

Hello and Dr. Now to be honest the article doesn’t live up to the title and each entry should have received more in-depth explanation. Then download Disk Inventory Xwhich is free.


Read Morexisk is free. This app contains video tutorials for Excel Wine running on any system is renowned for having issues, but this developer seems to have done a reasonable job packaging it up for OS X users.

Duplicate File Finder is a free option in the App Store that likely works just as well. Swapping to a Mac from a HP Laptop, has been very disappointing. Plus the app has a raft of bad disi.

disk doctor fiplab

You can set a Threshold Level for the memory remaining and when it goes below this amount, the status bar text will turn red. Have you downloaded any of these apps? Productivity Windows OneDrive vs.

Don’t Waste Your Money on These 25 Top Mac App Store Apps

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Sep 7, Version 4. Dosk to many people they aren’t, they are a commodity. Read Moreto do the same thing without paying a dime.

disk doctor fiplab