In order to switch the program into English you must first go to the “Configurazione” F5 menu, select the “Lingua” option and be sure to highlight the English option. Where it says source, select the magnifying glass icon and select the IML file we just created. Eventual bugs fix and Option File with the Winter transfers are expected on:. Salut Keeny, prends mon msn stp je dois te demander un truc. Tommsen Chants Pack V 4. This is the file in which all of the music within this particular game is stored.

dkz studio 0.91b

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I have been enjoying FIFA until i came to know about PES’s potential after applying the super patchafter that it was no stopping kept trying newer patches.

Select “import all files”, find the file you saved and import, and its done.

Save it with the default filename. Its tested now by me and ortegaman. ADX files will be created within this same folder. Forums Technology Reviews and Guides. Now head back into DKZ Studio.


New Update 2 http: There are many programs skz can use to edit music: Jul 18, 2 0 0. Thankfully, for Narutimate Accel 2, the identification of track listing has already been done for us.


Before i start this guide a big big thanks to – Superpatch and other patches team [nt May 24, 5 81 Most games will not have these corrupt files, but since Narutimate Accel 1 and 2 have them, they must be dks with.

dkz studio 0.91b

Every game is different: Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PC. Tommsen Chants Pack V 4. Geekhead83 Active Member Adept.

NA2 Custom Soundtrack Guide

This simply means it is going to convert each. Quad Master Well-Known Member. ADX files including the. Chaggy78 New Member Recruit.

Asky Rkz Member Adept.

Download Dkz Studio b For Pes 6 18

Seems that some ppl, dunno its its a mix for option files and mixes, had a problem that hung the game when the reached week 31 at end of the cup on D2. This page is hosted for free by cba. Poblacion, Santa Maria, Bulacan.

Where it says source, select the magnifying glass icon and select the IML file we just created. If the parameters to your. This guide will be using Narutimate Accel 2 from NamcoBandai as the example though the images are left over from Stydio Accel 1but before I start, let me 0.1b that your Playstation2 must be able to read modified media in order for you to customize soundtracks; either through a Hard Drive Loader, Swap Magic or a Mod Chip.


You will need the following programs: Jan 27, 1, 51 Somebody tell me they will! Chants for clubs Arsenal http: Thefore, all changes being made to your copy of Narutimate Accel will be on this file.

dkz studio 0.91b

Once the file is loaded, you will see a selection of. BAT file will automatically configure and convert your. Audio is customizable in any game which features the ADX Logo before the introduction; you can wtudio take the American audio from a game and replace it with the Japanese audio if its available.