Sometime later, Pastinha met the larger boy in the street again and won the fight. If you know of an interview done with your mestre, send it to us and we will post a bit of it and make it available in our archives. Cali women and Boston women. Later Friday night there was an opening ceremony, a capoeira roda, and a roda de samba. Do you know the history of your mestre?

dvd ypiranga de pastinha

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The Capoeira Angola group in Madison, Wisconsin.

Pastinha said that the bigger boy became his friend and admirer. T Baba leading the drum class. Their website has a lot of great information, including a biography of Mestre Russo, photos, and a film trailer. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Contact Information: We toured the beautiful countryside, learned about local culture and traditions, saw a wonderful community presentation, and ate a lot of soul food.

Cali women and Boston women. Valmir For more information, click here. Check out this preview. CM Alcione spinning round and round.

FICA-DC Archives: April

We would like to encourage everyone out there to write a poem, after all, where do padtinha think ladainhas come from?? T Baba has these pictures to share of his trip: If anyone knows anything, pass it on. Third Seminary on Capoeira Today. If I have forgotten anyone, let me know. Thank you to T Baba for sharing his photos. A whole bunch of people came down from Indianapolis and Boston.


dvd ypiranga de pastinha

A skilful capoeirista chama atencao calls attention while he is playing because of something special that he does, Mestre Russo cuts a striking figure with his smart dress, always wearing pressed trousers, leather shoes and a panama hat.

This is going to be a very nice DVD.

Roda de despedida de Mestre Manoel.

If you know of an interview done with your mestre, send it to us and we will post a bit of it and make it available in our archives. You can find various articles about the Gullah-Geechee in our archives as well as on the web, but if you have the chance, you will really enjoy and learn a lot from a visit to the area.

T Gege and M Cobra Mansa at the opening roda. It is sad to think that we have lost that spirit of poetry that used to be so strong in the group. Where did it go and why?

dvd ypiranga de pastinha

Here is a bit of it translated from Portuguese: Roda de Capoeira Location: At other times he will distract the other player pxstinha removing his hat and then, using the advantage that he has created and will attack with a head butt. In some places, bridges to the mainland were not constructed until the s. She has even brought her mission to the United States Congress, and recently helped pass a bill that will work to preserve Gullah culture.


The rest of the weekend pastinna packed with classes, lectures, rodas, a party, and lots of sunshine. Thanks to T Gege for the information. On this day inVicente Ferreira Pastinha was born. CM Janja’s music class. Here’s the class schedule for the Madison group, in case you are in the area. Juan was available throughout the weekend for back adjustments and support.