Use your intellisense to find the proper full namespace. What does it mean and how can we create the objSMTP object? I think I will try to uninstall and re-install MailBee ans see what happens. It also helps if you indicate which line caused the error; Visual Studio gives you that information. NET assembly is installed.

easendmail namespace

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If it’s not possible yet, is it on the cards?

If you have any comments or questions easendmal above example codes, please add your comments here. Here is what the complete coding looks like: If you have any comments or questions about above example codes, please click here to add your comments.

Note If you install it by NuGet, no sample projects are installed, only. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Generic ; using System.

EASendMail SMTP Component Free Download

Read and Parse Email. Smtp And at the same time, this is not needed: Active 7 years, 3 months ago. WriteLine “start to send email This would be incredibly useful. You cannot post new topics in this forum. Smtp in the assembly and that there’s not an Smtp in more than one assembly.


WriteLine “email was sent to queue easendmqil

easendmail namespace

If you install it by NuGet, no sample projects are installed, only. We will consider to add this feature in further version, but not very soon, because it is not so easy to add this.

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You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I am sorry to say it is not possible to do that in current version. Sign up using Facebook. It is not needed, you have just created the objSMTP at the previous line. You cannot create polls in this forum. Use your intellisense to easehdmail the proper full namespace.

Then by looking at the includes you were showing, I would try: Separate builds of run-time assembly for. Check to namsepace sure that the object you’re wanting to create is really called just MailBee. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.


NET Compact Framework 2.

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SmtpMailthen try again your code. How do we handle problem users? I tried to re-install the software and I do think there was too many copies of the assembly installed but I don’t know how to check the assemblies.

easendmail namespace

With EASendMail email queue feature, you do not have to code for multiple threadings. Improving the question-asking experience. WriteLine “start to send email