During the installation, it shows message box says: Glad to know that the issue is fixed. Hi, I would suggest you to try the following steps: Editing tags is also impossible now: I have restored to an earlier point but that did not help. May 24, Messages:

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I would like to know more information about the issue, so that we could help you better.

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

In the vast majority of cases, the solution is to properly reinstall explorerframe. My IE 9 rc installion prosses just freeze totally.

Having a single admin account is as risky as having a single house key. Process exit code 0xB [No signature was present in the subject.

You will have to uninstall IE9 Beta anyway when it is finally released in its completed version. What programs are running when the error occurs even if it isn’t the program where the error appears? Left-click Security Make a note of the users and groups, and what access rights they have. I am not so much worried about using this beta, but I am worried that when the release version of IE9 is out I will run into this same problem unless it is fixed now.

Fix Error and File Free Download – DLL Suite

When did this error first appear? I would prefer not to use any prepackaged tools to solve this issue, windowa I don’t know exactly what they are doing and I’d rather understand the process in case I need to troubleshoot or to prevent other issues to my machine.


Using Windows 7 and Firefox and Microsoft office products mostly. Errors related to explorerframe. These feature updates are not thoroughly engineered and are rushed mostly to meet deadlines. I stopped this, and tried to Repair the System -and- also tried 3 system restores up to two months back from the F8 menu.

ExplorerFrame.dll download

If I could derive the default values from their current state, I would not have needed to start a thread. System File Checker Scan You may refer to the link and follow the steps listed there: Let me know how it turns out!

That is as far as I have gotten. During the installation, it shows message box says: This problem is not to do with viruses or anything. I told Windows Update to check for updates and I don’t see it. Editing tags is also impossible now: I tried system restore I hope your cmd runs in admin mode. Hey there everybody- So, yesterday, booted up my laptop to find that when I tried to log in, Windows Explorer would crash.

Select System Restore when prompted. When complete, restart the system by running ‘shutdown -r’ from the command line. Tried the SFC, chkdsk, virus scan and clean boot thingies before I posted this. So leaving it as it is now probably won’t hurt anything, but I’d be much more comfortable if I put the settings back to the default and didn’t lock myself out in the process of doing so. I have run sfc which comes up with a lot of unfixable errors but I don’t understand the results well enough to sift through them to find the relevant issue.


If I navigate to the “Recovery” section of the control panel, trying to click on “If you’re experiencing problems with your PC, you can refresh it in PC settings” throws the error ” explorer. Now i’m facing issues like unable manage or create user account’s and unable use system recovery even in safe mode. Is that possible to have a copy of ExplorerFrame. A brand new question on a different laptop. I tried to install a theme and i think that may have caused the problem.

Make a Clean-Boot http: