After installing and running Klink, please tap “Set up your Computer” and follow the instructions. This differs from rooted devices, which forward packets directly from the PC. Task killers examine running programs periodically. You might also wish to enable Klink’s Mimic Mobile Device mode, which will mask some common background traffic from Windows and Mac. To remove EasyTether’s driver:. This occurs when the “adb” Android Debug Bridge utility has been moved. Note that PPTP VPN is not directly supported, since it uses a network protocol that is not supported by Klink; this is a limitation of all non-root apps of this nature on Android.

faveset klink

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Click on the “Driver” tab at the top, and choose to “Update” or “Install” driver. Tap on “Clear data”.

Please contact support if you need any help during setup. I have an older Pentium 4 class computer running Windows. Klink should coexist peacefully with HTC Sync, but this is a good thing to check if you’re having problems. Installation is simple like with EasyTether or PdaNet, and the in-app setup guide walks you through everything in less than 10 minutes.

faveset klink

It should be a matter of downloading the appropriate installer file and running it on your PC to complete Klink installation. Klink for Windows – This is for all Windows users and provides drivers for almost every Android device. Windows should then pop up an “Autoplay” window letting you start the bootstrap installer containing the Pantech drivers that are on a special removable drive provided by the phone.


Klink is capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous connections. As such, it’s imperative that the firewall let “adb. If you see a Disable USB debugging mode daveset, make sure that it is not checked. This is merely a warning from Windows and will not affect the use of non-Microsoft programs like Firefox or Google Chrome.

Your purchase is still valid.

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Klink’s companion program says “ADB file not executable. Unfortunately, a general method for enabling the Android wifi hotspot mode does not exist for all unrooted phones.

Once downloaded and installed, Klink will function as normal, since it’s merely hidden from the phone’s market. The demo is designed to let you faveste compatibility and speed before buying the paid version.

The original version has over 20, paid users and an average Market rating above 4. What should I do if I cannot find Klink in the market when using my phone?

Computer Configuration

Limit the number of peers to a reasonable number. To clean up, eject “Faveset Klink Installer” by dragging the drive image located on your desktop to the Trash.

faveset klink

Users of task killers, memory killers, and battery optimizer apps must ensure that an exception is made for Klink. This configures Klink so that the connected computer will appear more like a mobile device during use. If “USB debugging” is not enabled, Klink will tell you how to enable “USB debugging”, so please follow those instructions if you see them. This is normal, as Klink only requires the “ADB” feature.


faveset klink

Now, run Klink’s installer from the place where you copied it to install Klink on your PC. It’s also recommended that you update to a newer version of Klink’s Mac software which can be found here.

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Gaming and media streaming can be more demanding, so usage should be checked to gauge the rate of consumption. Ensure that “USB debugging” faveste enabled on your phone. Windows and Mac often give priority to the most recent connection. This is a limitation of all non-root apps of Klink’s nature. Rapid WiFi connection tool for Raspberry Pi. Eligible for Family Library. Whom do I contact? Look for either the “Google Play Store” or “Market” app, and tap on it.

Using multiple active network devices in conjunction with Klink can lead to a situation in which portions of data are split between Klink and the other devices.