Please agree to the terms. Drill up and down to see your data from different points of view. Edit in JSfiddle Download Trial. The cost can be a bit of a challenge, especially for SaaS, but the product delivers quite well on value. First of all, if you use one of the offered languages below, you can download the already prepared JSON files:.


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Being a developer, you can:. Less than 6 months. It helped us show reports with long data information. If you have any questions about the licensing or cannot find the right option for your project, please feel free to contact us. Also, their support is knowledgeable, efficient and very pleasant.

Flexmonsfer out the most popular ways to use export in the section below.

How to create your first web Pivot | Flexmonster

Perfect for analyzing data from various data sources: This data analysis tool is built-in inside the component. Test with RunKit Report a vulnerability.

Also, hooks into the data retrieval method are not allowed, in the sense that a custom method should be allowed AFTER the data was retrieved in the browser, so that programmers can massage the data if needed before FlexMonster starts processing. I would recommend Flexmonster for anyone looking for a simple, efficient and powerful no-frills BI solution.


Great performance when fetching data using Flexmonster Accelerator. Cancel Proceed to checkout. Flexmonster easily handles data from: Best product of this nature on the market The UI styling, I would like if in the future we can modify the style to adapt to our apps.

Flexmonster Pivot Table

Find detailed tutorials for connecting the pivot table flexmknster the following data sources: We often use JSFiddle. Flexmonster Pivot Table by Flexmonster. Start by installing Flexmonster as a node module and save it as a dependency in your package.

Supported data sources and Export flexmonstef. Our pivot table comes with a Toolbar that provides access to the main functionality. Below are the most common use cases of grid customization. Check how to set localization for a pivot table by using one of the available files or defining your own. Automatically comes along with annual maintenance. A pivot table component for web reporting The most powerful JavaScript tool for visualizing your business data.

Integrate with any tech stack.


Run the following command to install Flexmonster as a node module and save it as a dependency in your package. The integration is flexmonstrr easy, and the system performance is excellent.


This product was selected for it’s ease of integration into our product as well as the continuing highly-responsive support flexmonxter the Flexmonster team.

I’d suggest Flexmonster to invest a bit more on the chart configuration in order to let it be more comparable to Flecmonster e.

Use the compressordb source, but when it has a problem and does not receive an answer the plugin remains loaded. Updates to ensure that you always have the latest and greatest experience with Flexmonster. This section demonstrates how global object might be used.

Troubleshooting If you have any problems visit our troubleshooting page. With the help of options, it is possible to configure which functionality is available for the end users as well as the appearance of Flexmonster Flexmontser Table.


Support is responsive and knowledgeable Easy integration with visualization libraries Built-in aggregations.