Note the checkbox “Include Route Calculation Data. Garmin stopped using this system some time ago as it was developed for serial data transfer over slow interfaces. Mapsource was discontinued by Garmin over a year ago. Home Help Search Login Register. It just shows direct lines, not on roads or paths and these occur on the dark areas of the map. Then just sent the next map.

garmin 62s mapsource

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62s Won’t transfer waypoints

Please login or register. You can simply export map by map and rename it.

I’ve been using Mapsource forever and just came across this problem on my new 62st. And fastest way of sending is always to the microSD card – in a cardreader – because most Garmin devices devices don’t have fast USB chips. Could you help me? Car mounting kit, including: This makes it very easy to manage your maps. If you want to send the maps without contourlines, you could now simply mark and delete barmin from the list.

Select all map tiles of the region you are interested in by dragging with mapsiurce left mouse button clicked over the map. Really, you should learn how to use Basecamp.

Send maps with Basecamp (Mapinstall) or Mapsource

Thx, Peter extremecarver Tuesday May 21st, at Calendar with current day frame and highlighted day blue General rating Best and good times for hunting and fishing at the current location on the highlighted day based on the moon phase. Es funktioniert irgendwie nicht… extremecarver Sunday September 15th, at Saturday February 9th, at When I try to send my waypoints to Mapsource receive from device I get an error message stating the device has no waypoints.


If you want to transfer maptiles from several maps, just select another map on the map dropdown menu – untill all maps you want to have on your GPS are selected Note: They consume little power, support multiple languages and have an integrated base map.

Name of the waypoint Accuracy progress Coordinates of the averaged position Elapsed time. On the right hand side you can see how much space is available. Calendar with current day frame and highlighted day blue Available tracks on highlighted day.

62s Won’t transfer waypoints – GPS Review Forums

I know nothing about GPS’s, and a bit about computers, so I got a call from a friend who needed some help with general computer questions. Please support Openmtbmap by donating a few bucks. Direction and distance between turns.

garmin 62s mapsource

Maximum elevation Minimum elevation Elevation profile with scales Green: I just downloaded Basecamp from the Garmin Website and everything is working fine. I went on the Garmin website, downloaded a newer version of the mapsource program, but still nothing, it didn’t recognize the GPS, I then updated the GPS driver, spent a good two hours with my friend anxiously looking over my shouldernothing.


Result Keyboard, navigate on the keyboard using the rocker key, select the highlighted number or operation by pressing the ENTER key.

garmin 62s mapsource

Now click on the map – and while holding the left mouse button – drag it over the area you wan’t to tranfer to your GPS. Would somebody please clarify this, also, very important, is it possible to load the maps from his old Mapsource disks into Basecamp, what is the process to do this, I appreciate any help, thank you! Slot for standard micro SD memory card “TransFlash”. The actual size of these images depends on the properties of your display.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN GPSmap 62 series (english)

For help with Basecamp, see the tutorials here: Garmin no longer distributes software mwpsource disk. There are some pecularities with the openmtbmap. Note the checkbox “Include Route Calculation Data.

garmin 62s mapsource

Then click on “Maps” menu – and at the end of it click on “Install Maps”: IMG into anything else well the.