I am using GhostDoc Pro 4. Relative output path does not work. For more information about NuGet, visit http: Get error when trying to add auto comments. Email Required, but never shown.

ghostdoc 4.5

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We encourage you to share the GhostDoc goofs you have encountered — they are great for entertainment as well as give us a chance to improve the product.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Gyostdocand our Terms of Service. I’ve since installed the latest update as of today and still have this problem. How do I change that? Browsing All Articles Articles.

ghostdoc 4.5

The problem must be in my pc because a colleague of mine can deploy the same solution to the same pc mac. Errors like MT can occurs when you mix assemblies binaries built separately but still reference each others. In the other words, how do I generate GhostDoc comments instead hhostdoc Visual Studio-generated comments without using a macro.


I am heavily using shared projects, but I can no longer use ghost doc:.

ghostdoc 4.5

But you can also check the code itself for spelling errors. How do we handle problem users? What may cause the problem and how can I set the output directory to ghlstdoc relative path? Posted by pmuehlberger There seem to be no errors, only “No APIs found to But that’s a tangent.

However when the documentation is generated it does not provide a link to the iJacks. I am using the last version of GhostDoc community version. Last reply by Serge B. Unable to add documentation for source and header files.

ghostdoc 4.5

Are you the publisher? You can see many examples of that pattern in the standard MSDN documentation.

Posted by Lakshmi Chowdam9: However, that file contains internal and private XML documentation. Shortcuts Active View all users Popular Tags 3.

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Thanks in advance, Pedro Silva. Is there something I need to enable on my project to provide support? I have a universal app that I am working on and noticed that Ghost Doc doesn’t appear to work with it. I am currently using both GhostDoc Pro and Enterprise versions and would like to know if there gghostdoc a feature in GhostDoc to remove the internal and private ghostddoc from the XML documentation file that Visual Studio generates.


It is looking for tmpDF Any suggestions on a fix or what I could do to reset my environment so it could be re-installed?

GhostDoc Pro 4.9.15086

It does the 45. level right, but anything deeper it shows as flat. The project that contains this summary tag does NOT reference the iJacks. Every time I build help documentation, either through cmd or through visual studio itself, a help folder is created, but that folder is empty, while there should be a.

I will follow your comments. How do I create a contents page.