P my nigga ebebandz vladtv wshh nojumper soun. His house was trashed. YourBoyforLife June 21, Dershowitz also suggested we add the following paragraph for “so-called full transparency, a rhetorical convention wherein the writer seduces his reader with a shallow yet ostentatious display of truthfulness. Arzate is accused of hitting the victim in the head with a baseball bat, resulting in his death. Innovator or wave rider? Shortly after Pickering’s body was found, Illinois police arrested two men in connection with the murder.

gmebe bandz t shirt

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This came out in latewhen I was only in the early processes of retreating into my cave.

Two Suspects Charged in the Murder of Rapper EBE Bandz

It’s not exactly the most marketable music. Except for one of them, gmebw knows what he did. The song is too good to get a bad review. This is the kind of intergenerational mono-regionalism that make a community-minded provincialist say, “Aye! Connection is clear enough, right? Too much joy, as them Scarsdale boys shrit to say, and that’s all the more disturbing. My condolences to his family. They bludgeoned him with a baseball bat, set the body on fire, and left it in the woods of Winnebago County.

I’m tryna make new friends, hmu if you’re interested being dumb enough to text me. This was before Soulja shot Goomp in the buttbefore the rise and fall of swag-rap, before Ehirt got the face tats and fell out with SODMG, before Soulja boy Charla-memed his way back into semi-relevance. Rap Music Hysteria’s in-house counsel, Alan Dershowitz, has advised us to expressly state that the following paragraph is a work of satire.


I have no profundities or answers to dispense when an artist I admire dies. Posted by SE at 1: We didn’t ymebe, so we didn’t ask. The actions attributed to the names are fictionalized for comical incongruence.

You know all those grunge documentaries where the likes of Poison and Cinderella complain about how Nirvana ruined everything and sucked the fun away? Smh on tha day of i didn’t believe it and i still can’t I’ve looked up to u and fredosantanassr as role model’s man i even wanted to do a song wit u Within the contemporaneous rap culture wars, it was a victory for poptimist rap listeners to hear him rhyme rehab with rehab with rehab.

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Innovator or wave rider? Turns out it was a couple of nerds, one of whom was a friend and looks like a Latin Nick Mullen. Quit that racket about Chief Wayne or Lil Keef being the most influential artist of the past years.

Investigators say he was killed beaten with a bat before his body was set on fire. Fact or fiction, these guys could be historians or true-crime writers if they ever get out of the streets or their grandmas’ basement.

They wanna take you down when you on top. But about a week before ggmebe went missing he came back to my attention when this joint with A-Wax came up on Spotify shuffle. It was fucked up what happened to him.


T-Shit by EBE Bandz | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The first two albums are blueprint-level documents of swag-rap, word to Drew Millard. As hmebe anyone’s death, there’s nothing I can say to give this resolution or meaning.

gmebe bandz t shirt

Lil Jon snuck it into the mainstream for a couple years at the peak of crunk, a feat only possible through a rare cocktail of media savvy and pop sensibility paired with a keen fmebe of vaudeville’s continuing thread in American entertainment. Death of the artist is dead at this point in time, and I’m still sifting through the wreckage of collapsed post-structuralism. H and Ramirez then allegedly transported Pickering’s body to the woods in Winnebago County, where they then set it on fire.

gmebe bandz t shirt

Better than protecting my sleeves in clear plastic condoms, fretting about whether my manly natural oils will reduce daddy’s copy of 30 Seconds Over D. Police say they are also searching for year-old Dakota Graff, who is wanted on a number of unrelated outstanding warrants.