I had the same problem a while back and happened to remember there was an easy solution in a support FAQ I read. Apps you might also like GPG Suite What happened to the GPG Tools web site? OMFG dude, thank you!!!!! This is caused by booting the kernel in 64 bit mode. I’m ok with waiting, but why make people go around in circles with re-installing something that doesn’t work for anybody that specific feature?

gpgmail 2.0

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Gpgmail 2.0.3

This is caused by booting the kernel in 64 bit mode. However, this is clunky. Nice review, the GPG Tools Project Team has done a masterful job keeping up to date all the pieces that make up the main tools installer.

No, re-installing won’t fix a feature that hasn’t been added back in for the Bpgmail builds yet. Never by stymied by the learning curve.

It’s simply the easiest way to send emails securely on the Mac. I can’t find the other ticket, but the answer was that some kind of terminal hack work-around would be offered to associate keys with a given email address before a proper fix took place. Otherwise, no encryption is allowed. This is how gpgmaol works with encryption already, but it keeps setting the sign msgs default to ON.


It simply takes patience and time to figure them out and gain enough experience to be comfortable with them. Also if anybody runs into trouble we do have a support platform. Discover New Mac Apps. The hard part begins when you have to create your first key, upload your public key to the public server, and begin to use its features.

I wonder who keeps upvoting the closed source, MAS only proprietary Cryptix software in this listing and keeps down voting the Tor Browser Bundle? I’m glad it’s working on With in already incredible amount of cybercrime and cyber-espionage on the Internet, this can be profoundly important. Very few systems should do this by default, see this article about how to control which kernel gpymail use.

Gpgmail download

GNU Privacy Guard 2. This really should be a featured red listing. I sent another modest donation today to show my appreciation for keeping this important project current.

Benjamin Donnachie has already worked this out http: You can even use overkill encryption if you wish to be especially careful. However, digital signing is always available. A project that deserves a donation if you use it, even if it is every so often.


gpgmail 2.0

I’m guessing the dev replying is whatever person is in charge tpgmail responding to GPGTools messages on MacUpdate but doesn’t necessarily know what anybody is talking about. You also have to rebuild gpg-agent because if you don’t, the GUI window for pinentry cannot accept any focus and is essentially useless.

If I could I’d re-rate it from 4 stars to 5. At least I know gpgmwil not something dumb I’m doing personally. With even a basic understanding of GPG from a quick, likely old, tutorial you will be able to breeze through setup and operation of this project. Let me rephrase the question: If these are still there, then gpg-agent will complain and login will hang. Mac Tips All things Mac.

Must be an interesting person or agency This makes the native pinentry GUI app hang invisibly. I don’t want this.

gpgmail 2.0