Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. I ran the fixer but it is different than the one in the video new version i suppose and it doesn’t. I ran W3 fixer and installed in W3 folder and it worked. Mihajlovic Advanced Member Posts: This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Spatnak Advanced Member Posts:

gproxy 1.7.3

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[yocto] [meta-darwin][PATCH] osx-runtime: OSX Yosemite v10.10

So umm to get this straight A question when you try to join with mh you get a message like you’re using mh remove it and restart w3 something like that ,does that mean that you’ll get banned if you got it installed twice or you’re just disallowed to gproxu with mh? And because this tool saves it’s 1.7. to txt file it is easy just to copy everything an post in MH report, MH board would be flooded by bad reports. Do you get disconnect or your game closes?

gproxy 1.7.3

Try to run registry fixer. You won’t be able to join our games without the latest GProxy.

gproxy 1.7.3

Click on OK to terminate the application. Please close te program. Yeah I did and it didn’t work. The game crashes when trying to login with Gproxy It works without it, but i can’t play any dota games. I have 1.7. playing dota for four years.


[yocto] [meta-darwin][PATCH] osx-runtime: OSX Yosemite v

Write what you tried to fix the problem and if you failed gproxxy us where. Description Saurav Sengupta Is anti mh tool considered as mh or is it an exception? Also let me know if you noticed any increased ping or lag in-game.

gproxy 1.7.3

gproyx It is strange because shortcut leads to same filebut it works Sorry for bothering Logged div. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Anyway good job hope there are no flaws in gproxy. The other 2 times too had WinAmp running, so could it be the reason for desyncing. Well, I dont have any hacks, so do You have any idea what files could make the gproxy think i have 11.7.3 hack?

If yes, which one?

Mogyi New Member Posts: If you won’t have it you won’t be able to join any games. One delayed selection and all other ppl in that game will start to accuse you of being MHer. When i try to connect to the server I get an error message that sounds like this: Why the fuk you need that minihacks,mana bars,shortcuts etc I can enter the playdota games, but still can’t join the RO ones.



If someone finds me a better version please let me know. Approximately 4 four weeks from now Fedora will stop maintaining and issuing updates for Fedora Try to run registry fixer 3. When I press Battlenet from my Bproxy main menu the game crashes. This tool shows clicks in fog and in some cases it can help you like if you are on line and your ally clicks on 3 enemys, you can see they are about to gank you.

I fixed my gproyx with the w3 fixer but now my gproxy says i have hacks. It is roughly one year since we introduced the gproxy and the inbuilt antihack system. News and features, installer 1.