Light of Ruin Thank for localizing this game and making it available digitally on PSN in addition to retail. And the shop keeper is awesome. First the sale last year, Persona 1, 3d dot games heroes, Persona 3 Portable and now this: Nippon Columbia Recorded At: It’s fantastic at accompanying the sense of a massive adventure, and it is nice to listen to on its own.

hexyz force soundtrack

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The soundtrack fits the game’s tone and aesthetics to a tee. Nearly every theme is a hit on it. When you finally break the Charge, your attack will be boosted depending on how large you got the Charge to grow. And a couple of Sega Genesis classics might be nostalgia goggles, but I still listen to them to this day -Streets of Rage -Outrun -Skitchin’ -Shinobi 3.

hexyz force soundtrack

James Vicari Producer, Aspyr. Choose Yes No ]. His previous effort, Knights in the Nightmare, was a decent soundtrack. Hexgz this one’s easy for me, as there is only one game soundtrack I own as an album. Whereas every character in BlazBlue has a very distinct song, if you know much about a character you could likely pick their theme out just by listening to it.

Hexyz Force Original Soundtrack (Japan Version)

This game and also Persona 3 Portable I love persona 3 it just hurts that all these cool new features are all on a small screen instead of enjoying it on both Portable and House tv. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. Attacks are generally classified as falling under one of the three Divine Aspects.


Like this Like this. Looks like Atlus nailed it with the turned-based gameplay as well.

Two Tales, One RPG: Hexyz Force Coming to PSP

hexjz Any chance for the Japanese voice with subtitles rather than an English voice track? Sign in to rate and write review Write a Review.

hexyz force soundtrack

I will put an eye on this game. It’s just another amazing aspect of a truly god-tier game. Wow, hecyz, you just never cease to fail do you?

Toil Sweat Owkwa O2 Digest: I know I act quickly when I say this, but I would rank this among his best. Columbia Pictures releases a new product.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles music Play Asia and the stick logo are trademarks of Play-Asia. Halo CE to 3.

TLoU – perfectly compliments the melancholy mood of the game, and adds atmosphere to the game environments while you are playing. What game soundtrack Meaning every song in the entire soundtrack, no soundtdack would you consider “perfect?


Terry Scott Taylor crafted a hilariously surreal score that defies genre, convention and sanity The BlazBlue games always have an awesome soundtrack, there are so many tracks in CP: So good I use it on loop as mood music for tabletop gaming Pinnacle’s Deadlands. Soundtraco most likely be picking this up.

Hexyz Force – Original Soundtrack | Releases | AllMusic

Metal Gear Rising had what I consider to be the best action game soundtrack ever, and Hotline Miami’s is so good it’s a primary selling point. Please log in or create account to submit your link recommendations.

Honourable mentions go to Guilty Gear Xrd but as godlike as the tracks are in that game, the majority of them don’t really portray the character they are supposed represent. Undertales- Every single track are unquie and memories especially a couple of them can give you the feels!