University Movies – Year 3. Ineko Arima as Setsuko Hirayama. Fumiko Mikami Keiji Sada Kiyoko Hirayama Ineko Arima A businessman clashes with his elder daughter over her choice of a husband. He doesn’t point out.

higanbana ozu

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Only few artists have been able to establish a theme and set a tone, which are fully consistent with the rest of the work, so quickly yet still with such restraint and precision.

World Cinema Review: Yasujirō Ozu | 彼岸花 (Higanbana) Equinox Flower

The End of Summer With one last act of cheekiness, Yukiko convinces Hirayama that he should go visit the newly married couple in Hiroshima and assure them of his warm paternal endorsement.

Equinox Flower was Ozu’s first color film. In particular, there is a brightly red-colored tea kettle that is prominently shown in the main domestic setting.

They make their marriage work, even if there wasn’t love there at first. Owing to the standoff, his daughter’s friend Yukiko Fujiko Yamamoto tries a ruse in which she asks Hirayama’s opinion concerning a similar situation — her mother forcing her to marry someone she didn’t like.

Equinox Flower () – IMDb

Fumiko complains that her father is stubborn, insisting on arranging her marriage, whereas she has now fallen in love with a musician and is adamant to lead life her own way. Because of its continued visual prominence, I wonder if it has some special symbolic significance in the Japanese cultural context.


Please click the link below to receive your verification email. The Japanese culture had already seen the enormous changes that would lead to its dominance of the Asian market and its deep relationships with the US and other western markets.

higanbana ozu

May 9, Rating: The Irishman First Reviews: But it turns out in this story that many of the people around him are women with their own ideas of how things should be done with respect to choosing a marriage partner. Given his authoritative status at the company, Hirayama is asked to say a few words at the reception, and he remarks somewhat belittlingly in the face of his wife sitting next to him that while his own marriage was pragmatically arranged by the parents and was not a love match, the present bride and groom are to be admired and envied for their evident love for each other.

And even at home, of course, Ozu keeps reminding us of the brightness of that future in that shiny red teapot. And, although he is a gentle man in the office, where we observe him mostly signing contracts, he is far more hide-bound and unforgiving at home. To an extent, “Equinox Flower” is a satirical treatise on the decline of parental and especially patriarchal authority in the Japanese family and society.

Retrieved 14 December Ours is bright green.

Equinox Flower 彼岸花 1958 (English Sub) 1

Weekend Box Office Results: A man returns from World War II to find his desperate wife had resorted to one night of prostitution to pay for their son’s hospital bills. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Equinox Flower Higanbana Studio still showing from left: In addition to theme, Higanbans return to comedy also marked a turning point in his visual development niganbana he used color for the first time, which later on became an inseparable element in his subsequent films.

higanbana ozu

They work together and never feel that they are trapped in this relationship. Don’t have an account?

More Top Movies Trailers. Love is more important, he insists, than what her mother wants.

Equinox Flower

This points to the primary issue in the film: Fear the Walking Dead: A woman friend, Mrs. Newer Post Older Post Home.

higanbana ozu

On the home front, they are busy contemplating possible matches for their older daughter, Setsuko Ineko Arima He says how lucky they are to be able to choose their own partner. However, soon we find out that “Equinox Flower” differs quite higanbaha from these since it is essentially a comedy.