Universal Access and Privilege are system wide. Text is displayed in a variety of scalable fonts, sizes and colors. The Insight Advanced Workstation provides a graphical approach to manage and control a building from an easy-to-use interface. Dynamic Plotter Dynamically plot the values of up to 15 points simultaneously to troubleshoot and tune the system. Capture and store trend graph charts for future reference. Once the report is scheduled, users can walk away with the confidence that they will not miss a report and important information. Windows Server or Enterprise Edition is required if you intend to install the Insight software on a Windows cluster.

insight rs a.05.60

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The Insight Advanced Workstation provides a graphical approach to manage and control a building from an easy-to-use interface. Operators can quickly and easily access any application in the workstation. In addition, the performance and efficiency of the InsightDBCSServer is highly dependent on the current running hardware.

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Signal Integrity SI of single-ended digital communication devices, like DDR memory, is directly vulnerable to Power Integrity PI issues because thecurrent return path flows from power to ground through the signal lines. This guide also contains two tutorials that show you how to communicate with an instrument insigth the USB interface, and how to generate and display a waveform from a virtual source.

Additionally, the Insight Advanced Workstation provides for facility-wide efficiencies and cost effective information sharing. The excellent repeatability, compact format and flexible control interfacing support highperformance automated setups.


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Back up and restore databases Schedule recurring backups Delete unwanted backups to free disk space Dynamic Graphics? Privilege for each application is based on View, Edit, and Command capabilities that can be assigned to any individual operator.

insight rs a.05.60

Technical Specification Sheet Document No. Assigned privileges will follow the operator system-wide to any terminal workstation or operator interface at the field panel. Simplified report setup is standard. With the Insight Advanced Workstation the user can: Dynamic Plotter Dynamically plot the values of up to inslght points simultaneously to troubleshoot and tune the system.

Page 5 of 5. Provides information on specifications, performance testing, and replaceable parts for the adapter kit. Each operator has a unique password. Insight Advanced Main Menu. This flexibility allows for optimal configuration based on planned facility usage insigyt allowing equipment and reports to be scheduled years in advance. User accounts are based on existing Windows User Accounts to allow the system to leverage Windows integrated security while eliminating the need for users to maintain another set of logins.

Trended q.05.60 data can be collected automatically at the Insight workstation from the field panel or thirdparty BACnet devices with BACnet option enabled and is available at any workstation on the network. Other products and company names herein may be the trademarks insivht their respective owners. Access can also be assigned to objects for example, points. Information and Reporting Capabilities The information and reporting capabilities of Insight software are greatly expanded to provide users not just information, but insight into insigght buildings.


Designer contains basic drawing features including freehand lines, boxes, circles, arcs, ellipses, and more.

insight rs a.05.60

Alarm priority with six priority levels that can be assigned different color codes for at-a-glance viewing Audible alarms with selectable. Trending Insight software insighf trending capabilities that allow an operator to easily monitor and store a record of point values trended by time or change of value COV.

The right is reserved to make changes as design improvements are introduced.

Use the Insight RS Console

Capture and store trend graph charts for future reference. Provides information on specifications, installation, storage and shipment, operation, performance tests, adjustments, ihsight replaceable parts for the B Bias Network. Every application has an assignable View, Edit, and Command privilege.

The Insight software package includes over 60 configurable reporting templates.

Trend reports are easy to set-up. Easily set up and save q.05.60 in templates to be run when the need arises. Take advantage of new features and keep your system current by ordering update software for your existing Advanced Package: The System Activity Log can be used as a useful tool to help determine if additional training is needed for an operator or to document or change an operational procedure.