P-Square — Gimme That. Dude, he was talking about the business ‘class’ in flights. Olabeemaselfbad October 29, at 1: Jah Bless God bless his soul made that cross-over possible. Like I said, your brain is moving anti-clock wise.

jahbless joor mp3

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Gino October 29, at 6: Nairalanders no go kill me. Olabeemaselfbad October 29, at 1: Shimi na woman underwear singlet ahaha, thanks jare. The intelligent peeps have responded without feeling insulted. The entire track Post the lyrics here and I’ll try.

Jahbless Jooor Download Free Mp3 Song

Music News New Music: Shimi na woman underwear singlet. I hope you get it now Mi o le se aluwala l’Express I can’t do aluwala on the Express Aluwala is the muslim act of washing hands, legs etc before praying Calculator calculate irun obo Calculator calculate poossi hair O ni fe fa were l’oyan You no go wan pull not suckle mad woman breast O ni fe wo shimi l’Alaska You no go wan wear shimi for Alaska.


This Ileke Idi wan gimme heart attack.

But you have to understand that some Yoruba gist are just not “it” when translated. Musician September 15, at 6: The line implies that, Lecturers talk about business in class but no real money involve, however, he’s all about the money not the theoretical aspect of it!

jahbless joor mp3

I mean, I almost gad trouble tryna catch my breath while laughing. And making a joke by saying they have lecturers.

Jahbless – Joor Oh Remix | Naija Songs // Naijapals

Ja Bless, you no go won do Remix with Michael Jackson. Hali October 30, at 6: He didn’t subtract nothing IMO.

Dem don forget say no be everybody sabi speak Yoruba. Boondock October 28, at 7: Guy jepjing proud of ya! See How To Advertise. The same yoruba peeps u insulted are the ones translating 4 u! Movie industry is still crap. Razor, u nor go too blame Ileke-Idi o You know se na overs she dey so she nor dey too current despite all her ekiti yarns with happenings in Naija.


Austine Majestic Anasi June 21, at If you are proud of your language, be proud to translate it to people, it will help jahbbless to learn. Lmao and u call me mmp3 tribalist! Read your post again.

jahbless joor mp3

I think this was one of ’em. MuchLove October 28, at Like I said, your brain is moving anti-clock wise. Dude, he was talking about the business ‘class’ in flights.

What made what I said so insolent? koor

The above comments have said it all and more coming. Naija we are going somewere.