Hello dear client I have read your description with care. You might need to copy files from GS folder to tesseract. Please watch for the paths. The program requires Java Runtime Environment 7 or later. Double click on the JAR file to launch the program, or execute the following command: No worries its one time Open Serak Trainer now and create a new project. Visit this group at http:


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The best answers are voted up and rise to jtessboxrditor top. Post by newbie Quan, Can u ellaborate on the problems with image processing – what do u mean by the non text objects?

I am confident and I am sure that I can do your project. You will need to update the page number 6th column in each box file and then concatenate the files into one.

Downloading File /jTessBoxEditor/jTessBoxEditorzip – VietOCR – OSDN

Get all above software installed. Set your budget and timeframe. I think this would be possible with command line, but how to do it with jTessBoxEditor as it would automatize a lot of workflow. Note that some boxes could be slightly different by 1 or 2 pixels from the ones that would have been generated by Tesseract itself; nevertheless, the generated box file can be used to validate the one created by Tesseract with the use of a Jteesboxeditor file compare tool, such as WinMerge. Do check jteasboxeditor requirement.


Watch for the paths of executable and input files.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It will consider the modified box file too. How do we handle problem users?


Change the jteszboxeditor of the new font which you wish Tesseract to read. I have read your requirements and I fully went through it. It can read images of common image formats, including multi-page TIFF.


Active 3 years, 8 months ago. Go through all four steps mentioned on Serak. Sign up using Facebook.

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: No worries its one time Open Serak Trainer now and create a new project. This is a thank you for you all and for new folks who wants to give it a try.

Password I forgot my password.

Build .traineddata for Car VINs using Tesseract and jTessboxeditor etc.

Post by newbie Shree, The eng. Post by Quan Nguyen Looks like you got yourself a problem of image processing, not training. Apply for similar jobs. Improving the question-asking experience.


Download Tesseract 3 from here. A conversion function is included to convert numeric character reference NCR and escape sequence in the Character text field to Unicode characters.

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The program requires JRE 6. Almas Maris Once done, you can verify by opening jtesssboxeditor image in jTessBoxEditor to check if the boxes match up with the image.

If you have worked hard on boxfile there should not be any errors else you might see problems. The edited box files are jtessoxeditor read and written in proper format. For automated training, be sure to build all the necessary Tesseract executables if needed; Windows executables are already bundled with the program. Execute the following command. If you do not have the font you want to train please download and install it on your PC.