The whole cast gives excellent performance, Chin Chin Guitierrez is so hateful as the malevolent mother of Sam and even Smokey Manaloto – who is a comedy actor – gives a good dramatic performance, except from Christopher De Leon who was not given a chance to show his acting powers because of the short role he was given, and Bea Alonzo is clearly overacting in her “english” speaking scenes. It is revealed that he was badly beaten when he was still young, and left in a very bad state. But their reconciliation is short-lived as Corazon sabotages their relationship with some well-placed photographs of Monique with another man. Agila Anna Luna A fisherman, his family is the most important thing in his life and he will do anything to protect them. Oca is still manipulating the mind of Eli.

maging sino ka man by sam milby

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It finally dawns upon him that it’s too late to fix his marriage so he meets up with Jackie to tell her that he will cooperate with their process of eam.

maging sino ka man by sam milby

She finds a sense of triumph in seeing Corazon beg as to who is the owner of the necklace. With Eli’s plans to bankrupt Fidel’s company, Jackie was forced to meet Eli and ask siino to stop, Eli said yes to her demands but in return Jackie would have to marry him. Celine sees a scrapbook of her tangible memories of JB.

There, they meet Eli again and renew their relationship, though still seemingly platonic. Corazon decides to drop by the hospital to pay Eli a visit, and Gloria notices her, happy that her sister shows a hint of concern for her beloved son.


Maging Sino Ka Man – Lyrics and Music by Sam Milby arranged by Kenu02 | Smule

Onay suggests a motion for appeal but her father insists to pay for all his sins inside the prison. For a while, Celine and Brian wake up and talk about they love each other eino will miss each other.

A wealthy banking magnate. He succumbs to illness and is sad to be a burden to his two sons. The other day, he overhears Jackie talking to Celine, saying how sometimes she doesn’t want to magng her eyes anymore. JB promises to himself to be a good husband to Jackie. And it seems as if all hope is lost, as Sini loses his pulse. This time starting afresh includes being “extra nice” to Onay, whose secret feelings for JB is returning as Corazon gives her blessing for her to heal JB’s broken heart!

The maids are riding in front of the bridal car when they notice Jackie’s car swayed the other way.

People are getting angry with Corazon and JB. Then they ma by at JBs office that night, not knowing that he’s off to some sort of celebration. Well-aware of his sorrow, Corazon asks JB not to push himself too hard. Despite their family’s wealth, she feels that a big part of her life is missing.

maging sino ka man by sam milby

Celine, in an effort to move on, sold her house and left Marsha to the care of her mother-in-law. When they reached their house, Tomas beat her and pointed kaging gun on her. Christopher de Leon’s character Fidel Madrigal was sent to the United States because the actor was running for vice-governor of the province of Batangas.

Jackie’s driver finally awakens and tells Fidel that Jackie had been lost during a mqging attempt. Afterwards, a mysterious lady in black approaches the newlyweds, wishing them good luck. Corazon suffered embarrassment as she could not pay her bills plus the fact that she could not get along well with her neighbors.


ABS-CBN drama series Philippine television series debuts Philippine television series endings Television series by Star Creatives Philippine melodrama television series Philippine romance television series Filipino-language television programs Television shows set in the Philippines.

He believes that love can surpass every challenge that may come his way, even his stature in life. In the meantime, her absence from the office enrages JB who wants her to attend to her responsibilities immediately. The first six weeks of the series spans a period of roughly three months.

Maging sino ka man

Corazon shared moments with Mateo. Celine is unable to deal with JB’s indecision and finally realizes that she has once again lost JB to Jackie.

Ang Pagbabalik International title: It was tagged as phenomenal and was widely talked about online. Eli and Jackie are back in the barrio when Jackie finally remembers everything Desperation leads him to one dreadfully wrong decision, with disastrous consequences. She asks why, and he replies that it isn’t bad to give her breakfast once in a while, because she hasn’t been eating very much for some time. Later on, it is shown that Eli and Jackie signing the marriage contract.