Daylite really is packed with a lot of power and features and it’s great to hear you’re getting value out of this flexibility! Love Daylite iPhone app! Can’t run our National non-profit without it. Not available for PC or Android. All-in-all we love Daylite, but we wish we could extend its functionality to more areas of our business. Hi Christian, Thanks so much for your feedback!

marketcircle daylite

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We’re so happy you’re finding value in having everything in one place! Thank you Barry for your love for Daylite! As we are in the real estate industry, there are many real estate specific products that were easier in the beginning to use. Like most CRMs, we know there is a marketcirle curve with Daylite, but we have plenty of resources like webinars, one on one calls, Daylite Experts, and our Learn Daylite articles to get you on the right marketcirclle

Daylite for Mac

This could not have happened via a spreadsheet, contrary to job coach advice. Having daylte my data in one place. The interface with Apple Mail delivers the emails into my projects and that combined with files, notes, appointments, and tasks all being attached to my clients means I am always clear on what is happening with my projects.


The task system jarketcircle setting dates to keep me alert on dead-lines is crucial as I do a law practice and dead-lines are an integral part of my couselling. Makes my life and work easy to organise and keep up-to-date.

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We’re proud that it’s simple to use yet really adaptive! Probably the biggest ‘want’ is the ability to output to word and excel in some capacity. It’s great to hear how our customers use Daylite. Daylite is a best CRM product for less cost! This makes reporting next to impossible We also wish that we could create custom reports more easily. I now excel at staying on top of my commitments. Thank you David for your wonderful review of Daylite! Vendor Response By Marketcircle on February 22, Recommendations to other buyers: Daylite really is packed with a lot of power and features and it’s great to hear you’re getting value out of this flexibility!

Thank you for sharing David. Now self employed as a consultant, I have been introduced to Daylite for the first time working with a small business that wants to grow; it amrketcircle the capacity with orders, but is constrained by internal expertise and resource.

We are an executive recruiting firm and use this software to track clients, candidates, and each position we are asked to fill. Enter the pertinent data immediately into Daylite and you will be rewarded with a secure, dayliye concise database of information structured to keep the business owner on track.


marketcircle daylite

Unfortunately, I need business intelligence, and Daylite doesn’t provide that. Product suggestions and enhancements are not acted on as soon as would be mwrketcircle.

marketcircle daylite

Whether you are managing a sales cycle or a project, data entry is minimal. And of course, having all this mzrketcircle over all my devices. The iPad version especially for iPad Pro should be more function rich oriented on the desktop version thats not the fact so fare. In the past I’ve had to use two or three apps to do this. I have been using Daylite for several years now and have become accustomed to working with it.

Thank you David for your awesome review of Daylite! I rarely have a glitch and – when I do – it’s minor and tech support already has a fix. It would be on the rare occasions when there have been sync problems but they were very rare and lasted only a very short time.

Support from the company is great.