To make things a little more interesting, try opening some file in Notepad. It does not work for fonts containing overlaps and shaped pens. Turn off everything but the red error traces to start. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: How do we handle problem users?


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It’s mttrace nearly as capable as GraphEdit though. MFTrace is not pretty, but it does not end up being hard after it gets figured out.

The text analysis tool helps a lot to filter the mountain of output. It does not work for fonts containing overlaps and shaped pens.

Using MFTrace to Trace Media Foundation – Media Foundation Team Blog

If you wish to also install the FontForge package to simplify and mfttace the font, then run the command. How to go about debugging in Media Foundation Ask Question. Suggestions for a more generic way to handle this are welcome. To run mftrace you need:. The default is This parameter accepts either a process name or a process ID. The traces usually follow the pattern of a process and thread ID, mrtrace by a timestamp, the name of the function called, and some function parameters: Things I as someone new to this framework have encountered I myself have not even been able to get MFTrace or Event Viewer to work, both tools that are mentioned in the official media foundation blog.


Mftrrace tools collect traces which give some insight into what Media Foundation and its components are doing. Seriously though, I get what you are asking, and I hope that someone can provide a comprehensive response, but I wouldn’t expect it.

mftrace – Scalable Fonts for MetaFont

Microsoft Media Foundation Blog Entries. Logs tend to contain a huge amount of data, which can mfrace quite overwhelming at first. Otherwise, please read on. Or can one use a newer SDK?

The question

In the next installments of this blog series, we will try to make sense of them. Sign up using Facebook.


The magnification to use for the PFA file. MFTrace for detailed analysis in hard to analyze cases. But maybe one should skip that tool altogether and ,ftrace use MFTrace since the official blog says the following? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. First, open an elevated command prompt: We will also see mftarce to add traces from your own components and applications, to get a fuller picture of what is going on.


Default is to generate a PFA file. Which tools or code constructs like defines are the ones that should be used in this area and how to get them to work?

Try to kludge up the paths coming from MikTeX for a cygwin environment.


TXT into the Text Analysis tool to help filter the output. The larger the more precise the PFA file will be.

Using MFTrace to Trace Media Foundation

However, out of the box, FontForge does not recognize TeX encodings. One word of caution: Default gridsize value is 1, i. However, MFTrace is much more powerful, and collects way more information, than Event viewer.

Why use mftrace over textrace?