There is now a layer of bedrock on top of us and so sunlight will not stop us now in exception of the easy save 3, EARN you have a large amount of ammo, food, and weaponry but this will not last forever, you have to search for hidden chests for extra food ammo and weaponry even tnt! We talk a lot about Harry Potter, my Minecraft build, our new website launch, and a little bit about video games. Decipher clues, solve riddles, exploit the idiosyncratic physics of everyone’s favorite game! There might be some spelling errors Will fix that too. Jherriq Iron Apr 1, O amazing thread as always!

minecraft potatoorgy hogwarts

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Oct 23, Messages: Grand Canyon By caltheon Short description: Dying always minceraft in having to delete the world and put the downloaded one back again. Mastering them will also come with the bonus of charging anyone in herocraft for a piggyback through the challenges for Coin.

EscapeCraft 3 by Merlinus12 Short description: This was my first attempt that never got posted. Remains of an old fortress.

minecraft potatoorgy hogwarts

A village in the sky, a spa, 2 glass houses, a royal palace, kings house, mines not working in this version and a mighty forest. You get to play the part of a very whipped boyfriend on every woman’s favorite holiday, more or less.

minecraft potatoorgy hogwarts

Joined Mar 26, Likes 0. So far it has about 25 min of gameplay and many interesting and unexpected puzzles including things that were added in beta 1. I figured I might as well treat you nicely, so make sure the difficulty is on normal, and check out the battle arena and mob factories as you are invincible.


I have added some more to the dungeon, trying potatoory go for interactive.


It has the main attraction, the treehouse, a town to the west, TheOneGaffer’s Castle to the south, and many other smaller attractions including a hedge maze, a blimp, The one from Aldona 2 mob factories, a large farm,a Mega-Hotel with a theater and a indoor pool, many housing units in the town, shops in the town, and a large underground mine with floating torches.

Choose Your Destiny By aldizzl34 Short description: The crumbled walls haven’t definitely been built by you. You gasp for air, and as your eyes adjust you see a long corridor.

May 19, Messages: Of course all who help get their names in the Trophy Room. The Bay by Ateam Short description: And Hey Marik and Patrick!

I just need someone to take care of my beloved world, cuz I’ll sure miss it. Temple of the Lost Block by Mouzi Short description: Zelda Dungeon by Worstcase Short description: Your objective is to find your way back to IceVille. A secret hide-away base for a Robin-hood type character.

Team Mongoose gets together and talks a lot about video games, Minecraft shenanigans, and talk a bit about past memories with Gmod.

Your Goal is to bring daylight back to the town, and kill whatever caused it. You will have to take one of the two city routes potatoory have been laid out, and try to get to the end.


However, it is perfectly playable and very fun even now!

Big list of save files and adventure maps | Minecraft News Forum

Since there is space next to your current 10×10 plot, it might also be possible with an expansion on this one, or a swap for a reduction in price. One can also make a lot of cool stuff on the 10×10 lot you already got, or give away your 10×10 for a price reduction in a plot for your “airship” or other thing you rather wanna live in, but takes more space than pottaoorgy and isnt suited in the spot you have gotten.

You can’t remember anything, but you don’t like the situation.

minecraft potatoorgy hogwarts

Are you up for the challenge, or will you end up It’s not anything amazing, although I think the underground mine I made is pretty impressive it’s all legit, not edited – it actually spans almost the entire continent I’m on.