The Windows binary download is usually easier, but there are some reasons you may prefer the cygwin method: At some point of the installation, you’ll see the list of available components by categories. You download a small setup. Installing and getting familiar with cygwin First, install cygwin, a version of UNIX that runs within windows. We’ll run it on several machines and they will all say “Hi”:

mpich2 cygwin

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This is the point where I lost a day and a half and decided to lose some more on writing this walkthrough.

Over and over again At some point of the installation, you’ll see the list of available components by categories. Some of them are required, like: Please refer to these helpful tutorials: Cygwin setup will ask you for the installation folder, as setups often do. A short research shows that there are several implementations around, with the two most popular ones: There’s no mpdso something must have gone wrong with the installation!?

But a lot of this is stuff you don’t need. Two more lenghty ones, in the same folder: Install Cygwin First, you have to install Cygwin.


You need a UNIX interface anyway for other reasons. Finally, we have to add the path to the binaries to. Add the following line: The former is also termed ‘parallel computing’, and the letter ‘distributed computing’, though this distinction is not that clear.

mpich2 cygwin

This will mpich22 a while even on really fast computers. In some tutorials, you will find that the first thing is to start mpd.

Lovro for Sale – Unboxing the MPI – Installing MPICH2 with Cygwin, step by step

Let’s just run a “Hello, World! Let’s check if it works In some tutorials, you will find that mipch2 first thing is to start mpd. Not the compiled Windows version, remember, we want to run it on Linux I’m just not proficient with the administration part, I still don’t know in which folder the programs are installed on Linux.

Indeed, the key advantage of cygwin is to largely avoid learning UNIX!

An Engineer

I know I should love Linux and know all about it by now, but I don’t. I work on a Windows PC.

mpich2 cygwin

We can’t install a standard, we need an implementation. Personally, I followed the recommendations in Tutorial Aplus everything in “Math” and “libs” and “System”, to be safe, and maybe a few others. You may experiment you can also install components later by running setup.


mpich2 cygwin

You need functionality that’s not included in the windows binary, or otherwise need to customize the installation. You download a small setup.

Tutorial: LAMMPS with cygwin for beginners

An Engineer His practical and pragmatic self expressed through software engineering. Installing and getting familiar cybwin cygwin First, install cygwin, a version of Mpich22 that runs within windows.

You can download it through a browser and put it in the in my case c: Till you find out that it is no longer used since some version 1. Having a Linux on a virtual machine seemed to me somewhat cumbersome, but fortunately, there’s a more elegant solution.

I function on another level of abstraction and I don’t want to know all the implementation details. You will have to add some by clicking on ‘Skip’ and changing it to the version you want to install.