Players no longer receive 5 shotgun shells when entering a Police car. Vice City Crusader having armor after respawning. This feature was added at the last moment and not properly tested. Posted February 1, There have been a couple of occurrence of this, and we’d be interested to see why this is. If this happens, the client will crash. You can get the GTA3 1.

mta vc 0.5r2

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mta vc 0.5r2

This is an error with the way we temporarily replace some of the games files. This link is uploaded by our account. Very amazing as it seems, just not solo. You can get the GTA3 1. This applies to MTA 0.


MTA r2 Known Issues – Multi Theft Auto: Wiki

Awful timing showcasing Game-Monitor’s unreliability. The cause of this is unknown. Share this post Link to post. Consequently, this problem has occurred. I am pretty sure that it is a single player bug, not related with MTA at all. Yellow Rancher at North Point Mall now respawns properly.


MTA 0.5 Known Issues

If you’re already using 1. You can get the GTA3 1. All the error reports that have come in about this are using Vice City 1.

Time advance disabled after you die to prevent a minor visual bug. Go To Topic Listing. The updated article for 0. You get a crash at the address F30 when starting the game. These changes were all I could do with SCM and memory hacks. Well yeh you need to shortcut. But in the 2nd one I went to the safehouse, didn’t find any cool portals. Burn that extra meg or two. Use this if you doubt the validity of your copy of MTA. We noticed this during testing but it wasn’t fixed.

I remember buying a taxi.

Fixed minor text fade-in issue in the Ammunation menu. The current release is [ 0. Freeze when client tries to display dialog asking for game path.

mta vc 0.5r2

You are unable to jump or sprint when a Molotov is your active weapon, but you are able to jump and sprint with Grenades This will be fixed in a future release if there is one.


I’m glad to be back aboard. Yesterday at release there were over 25 players throughout a 5 hour period on Argonath RPG’s server, and another 5 on a Hungarian server somewhere. One warning I did see was “suspected trainer usage”.

Posted March 7, Posted March 6, This may be fixed in the next client release. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling MTA 0.