There is a very progressive feeling throughout this album which Negura Bunget use to their advantage keeping everything fresh, interesting and unique. Recording Location Magic Sound Studio. Furrowed bear chest, By the Living Fire, from beyond Strimba Oilor At the heart of the clearings, at the heart of the woods, Its flame throws back, and from fire and blood Green fir’s bud, gobbled up, stained with blood Masters of the Wind, Earth’s Enemies Stay behind me, show me my way; make the spell take shape, all by itself. This mood is tempered by some unnecessary clean vocal melodramatic sighing, which is nicely taken out of focus as the strange amodal folkish melody played on clean guitar merges easily with a bizarre counterpart more avant-garde jazz-inspired than anything else. There are many layers to this complex music which necessitates several hearings for listeners to grasp and appreciate what the musicians are communicating.

negura bunget n crugu bradului

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negura bunget n crugu bradului

Signaling a distinct vision of dark music different from their previous works, however, Negura Bunget brings us those two minutes of stark yet complex shifting curtains of ambiance as low string synth passages intersect nicely with quasi-folk almost modal clean guitar sound to create a sense of those exact feelings. This comes across in the music which is inherently very complex and multi-layered, challenging the listener to make sense of what is going on.

negura bunget n crugu bradului

Otherwise, this is a decent and engaging listen, even if slightly bland at times. Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 7 items. Si cind baciu incet s-hodineste, intre brazi, carari si pajuri, Barba-n boata s-o propteste, oile ii sint prin preajma, in Barsa Cohanului.

The album can be very chaotic but this is to be expected given the concept behind it: NausikaDalazBlindaz bubget, January 24th, This world is such a full ecstasy of greens, black, and browns that the colors immerse themselves inside me. Bratu-i buzdugan, mintea arunjan.


Round dance begins, it holds the mountains, They become one, and bring the other land into this bungeg, A trade!

NEGURA BUNGET ‘N Crugu Bradului reviews

Past the intro, there is basically a contained website bio, discography, contacts, etc. Si la moartea-i, cadea-va o stea, Un brad rasarea, drept din fruntea-i, bunge. My feet squeak in movement across dew-sustaining grasses—where the sounds once were, now there are imprints. Green fir’s bud up in the mountains, on the lowest hills, On silent fields blown by winds, and by rains, Behold, between the mountains and the hills, a mighty voice is echoing from above.

‘N Crugu Bradului | Negura Bunget

While musically the band incorporates symphonic not overblown elements by any meansfolk and other outside influences into its eclectic blend, this is still highly blackened in the vein of earlier Enslaved classics and during the really gritty BM shredding components I’m reminded of “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” and “Transilvanian Hunger.

This almost reminds me of the better slow and ambient passages bands like Elend or Summoning manage to muster up, albeit brdaului in a vastly different manner. Forum user Forum password. The more background you know the more you get out of it however. I just cannot recommend this album enough”. Among others, Enslaved fans that have been put off by the band’s more recent releases should be putting a listening session of Negura Bunget at the top of their “to do lists.

Stapinele ale vintului, Dusmanele ale pamintului Stati in netura, calea da mi-i da, vraja da la sine sa facea.

I have only read praise regarding Negura Bunget and it is easy to see why. Droning refrains will always bungef cut up and kept vital as other counterparts and melodies shift around them like a stream rushing over rocks.

The hound and the shepherd’s flute throw away the longing For worldly needs.

Every instrument is in the forefront and yet each instrument seems to be the backbone for each one of the multiple underlying nehura as well. Colo intre Alb si Negru Cris, Codru Muma sa inalta, Vajnice mioarele haladuiesc-l, peste vai da munti maiestri, Magura cea Vinata, intr-o clipa-o bintura.


NEGURA BUNGET “‘N Crugu Bradului”

In vinturi bunger volburi, din vinturi aruncat, si trimes, in putu cu jgheab Sa masoare pamintu, pamintu cu umbletu, si ceru cu cugetu. Vintu il hranea, apa-l imbraca, focu il pazea, da pamint ferea. The wolf’s pack, deep from the Wolf’s Stars Crossing instantly black and frosty sky.

You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. When the sun rises I take my flock on the balks When the moon rises I tell the woods good night And the leaf is swinging me, and the doina’s soothing me, And the thought is swinging me, and the pipe is soothing me.


Toti copaci in calea sa, crengile-s pleca Coarnele-i margaritare s-impunzatoare Laganat purtat, spre al tainic loc, fagas. This is the complete black metal experience. Fairy Belladonna, grass of the woods, flower of the woods, let me pick you up In moonlight, in the middle of the forest, in Their garden In the depth of a thick night, the lonely moon unstitches to let the spell take place. A true brave, sits under the snow drift, listening to the old shepherd words Telling about all things, wisely teaching him.

There are a few aspects of Negura Bunget’s sound which I didnt fully get into such as the clean vocals which fortuantely arent used very often at all.