Later I wanted to update my kernel to 2. The Microtronix IDE produces a corrupted archive. The Microtronix build comes with a port of Boa webserver. Telnet is a tool to connect to a remote computer. Use nios2-elf-objcopy to find out the length of each. Another advantage of the Microtronix IP is that it provides multiple ports. There are 2 choices:

nios2 uclinux

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nios2 uclinux

To simplify our lives, we used the powerful to support a general-purpose operating system. The debugfs should be found under Kernel hacking.

I decided to copy the 3 files into the telnet directory. The sourcecode for the host and the device can be downloaded from the download section.

uClinux Tutorial NIOS II

Nevertheless the Microtronix port works. Download the improved version from the download section. Although SHIM has undergone substantial evolution, it currently does not have a code generator for a true embedded environment. Download the file libxml Turn on All other items are off:.


There are three layers in this embedded system and a de- For this project, we are using the Altera DE2 board as a velopment environment. If you will use the webserver commercially the self signed certificate should be replaced by an official certificate later to avoid the browsers message of untrusted certificates.

You need a PIO for the interface, find the pin assignment for the pio from the docu in nandw3a. Another advantage of the Microtronix IP is that it provides multiple ports.

nios2 uclinux

Here is a list of features that need to be enabled for the smallest possible kernel. Now build the filesystem upload it to the Flash and start Linux: Minimum Userspace Config for uClinux-dist with Kernel 2.

Therefore I created some additional make targets to cut down turn-around time: I also fixed a slight bug that prevented the compile to be completely successful on the package. In order to be able to mount yaffs2 it is also necessary to format the flash first.

nios2 uclinux

Actually this would only be necessary for the fast Nios version, it gets ignored for the standard version. It is a derivative of the Linux 2. The Altera DDR core works fine for the 2 evaluation boards.


The Microtronix IDE produces a corrupted archive. This saves space in the Flash. It is always present in 2. You can get a 30 day evaluation license to try it out. First we need to patch the makefiles for Nios2. The -j parameter must be omitted. Check out also the Forum and the Wiki that deal with this topic. Figure 3 is a support.

Mainline the Nios2 Linux Kernel port

We will use the Nlos2 environment on the Linux machine. It is time to start compilation. Following messages should show up when Linux boots: Compile uClinux by running Cmd: This base address is used in all example scripts.