Its not a book for literature fan I don’t know why this book is a such a hit Its not a book for literature fan. She was born in Patna and grew up in Indore, from where she graduated in pharmacy. And So is My Girlfriend! The doctors of each of these patients have taken it upon themselves to do all that they can in their power to save these young patients. Manika makes a comeback in his life and takes care of him, thus helping him get out of the depression.

oh yes i am single durjoy datta pdf

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Stupid, because one has only to flip to one of the infochannels to see the activity described here in graphic de Someone who uses people and discards them, indulging in nocturnal outings rather than working to achieve competence in years of college, fails at both career and relationships simultaneously – and acquires a heart and conscience to some extent. But suddenly Avantika is pushed to break up with Deb.

Surprisingly it took two people to write this, and the writing gives no clue to who wrote what.

Ohh Yes, I’m Single

Joy has the girl of his dreams standing right in front him. Ahana introduces him to the various smells and sounds of the city, while Deep shares with her his visual experience.


What made her do this? And So Is My Girlfriend! It might be better at being readable if it were not for the entirely stupid and these days seemingly compulsory inclusion of physical details. Newer Post Older Post Dqtta.

Ohh yes i am single pdf

On a Bad Boy Note. Stupid, because one has only to flip to one of the infochannels to see the activity described here in graphic details – in all sorts of species other than human. Yes but if you like funny incidences this can be your book.

oh yes i am single durjoy datta pdf

She also goes on to make friends with Pia, who is also her roommate. In the Shade of a Dark Cloud. Deb, a writer and publisher, finds his life’s meaning in question when a series of bomb blasts rip through Delhi.

Shy, having low self esteem, and lacking confidence, Niharika feels nonexistent and ugly, until the day her sister Simran gives her a makeover. Or will luck play its role and bring him and Shaina together. Anyone but the Spouse! Most of his qualities entitle him as ‘lecher’.

oh yes i am single durjoy datta pdf

Hate, is a four letter word. And how come a single person have so many relationships. Read You Were My Crush: I borrowed this book from a friend to see why Durjoy Datta is the new “in-thing”. I didnt like this book too much.

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Trust is the foundation of a relationship. Oh Yes, I’m Single! Deep is filled with excitement at the prospect and lands in Hong Kong with a lot of dreams. Though the author tried to add some emotions but the reason behind it was pathetic.


Actually I felt it’s true while I’m reading I’m a below average looking person nd also I’m short but my ideology is something similarly in this character I’m also thinking like that I do not want to give it even 2 stars. Anyways, a good books for those who wish to kill their time doing nothing.

Some love stories are imperfect which is what makes them so adorable and complete. Ohh Yes, I’m Single!

Veena (India)’s review of Ohh Yes I Am Single!: And So Is My Girlfriend

I almost left the book half read but that is not what I like doing. Adding to this, they fall in love with the wrong people. Will Benoy end up loveless and without any worthy relationships? A story of delhi’s engineering obtuse student. You might also like: