JA equivalent to Tylenol, Excedrin, etc. In JA they use tools similar to garden hoe. The message in this expression is to seize all opportunities that come within your reach. It’s a blunt way of warning someone off temptation. So your nose a fe run.

patwa dictionary

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In other words – the things that seem good to you now, can hurt you later I, me, you and me, we 1 Rastafari speech eliminates you, me we, they, etc. Theyuse it to make yam hill – we use it to make path.

East African warriors who resisted colonial domination 3. Some higglers, however, do not make trips out of the country to buy goods, but sell the goods that others import.

patwa dictionary

Combination of English boastful and Yoruba bosi-proud and ostentatious 7. Defeated Italians at Adowa 7. The saying comes from the analogy of an egg. And the field workers, being poor, wear a kind of cheap flip flop called a “booga wooga. Jamaicans use it to describe skin conditions that display bumps, warts pata a scaly appearance.


patwa dictionary

Said to be the son of Anancy. I, me, mine 1 I-NEY: There are different sizes for different chores.

Rasta/Patois Dictionary and Phrases/Proverbs

One who has committed a crime. Fram many african languages. The child must “creep before him walk”.

patwa dictionary

In usage close to Afro-American y’awl. Ethiopia, Africa, the Rastafarian holy land 1. The message dictioary this expression is to seize all opportunities that come within your reach. Set a Rat’s tail on fire and he’s thinks there’s a cool breeze. A pre-release copy of a record, often produced exclusively for a specific sound system see “sound system”.

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This term is most often employed in clashes, on dub plates built for clashes, and so on. From the Twi name for the supreme deity 7. The phrase is usually said to someone who has overcome many challenges to achieve their goals.

It means a light rain or drizzle. Talk of the town, originally talk of the females signifying someone with many female conquests Pxtwa. It can be a sexual term meaning the man throw it and the woman catch it! It is related to the coco, but one eats the “head” instead of the tubers. From Hausa bunga-bumpkin, nincompoop 7.


Accompong, brother of Cudjo; also name of town. Just on for the ride.

patois – Dictionary Definition :

A style of reggae that uses digital rhythms exclusively. Or it can be a way of saying “YO”. Or you use it to mean “OK” as in when someone asks you to do something for you, you would reply, “Ites.

Bands of elaborately masked dancers appearing around Christmas.