Also, pretty darn cheap, too! They have great chemistry together, and I love their silly antics! Previews for Haggy Mai’s new PB! And Akari Melon-san will fall in love with every Wota who’s hands she touches. Whether or not these girls are actually in the group now is beyond me.

snh48 ponytail to shushu pv

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Ponytail to shushu | Tumblr

The producers hope to visualise JKT48’s journey and explore everything about the group to make their fans happy. Also, pretty darn cheap, too! Are you ready to Digest with me?

If you have missed my reviews why you would miss them is beyond me! This article is about the AKB48 song.

Snh48 ponytail to shushu pv

I love the light and airy feel of this video, it seems a lot more polished than usual, too I don’t know why you don’t post here with a link each time you do something elsewhere. April digital music download certifications Abbreviation: My question is this: And the cover will show Momoko with a shaved head But, despite my lack of posts and activity here, I have actually been PV and Single Reviewing elsewhere!


Screw the fact that it isn’t my birthday, just give me the damn cake!!! Picture of the Week. I have to say, this PV wins for the most colourful.

A nice nod towards C-ute day and all that jazz. This does sound like a really fun event, hopefully Nsh48 can be saved from the prison in the amusement park! These are two groups to watch out for, guys! A preview for Hagiwara Mai’s up-coming photobook has been revealed!

[Download] AKB48 – Choudai Darling [PV] – 48 Army

Please take a look at Sasshi’s Centre-starring PV!!!! SNH48 2nd Generation members in Shanghai chosen? It’s amazing to hear that JKT48 will be landing a movie trilogy, despite being so young as a group! Selective Hearing J-Pop Idols. Welcome back to my Weekly Digest everyone, and I hope that the past week has been kind to you!

It actually does not look cheap!!!! Please check it out! Anyways, I had no idea what to use as the Video of the Week this week, and then I saw that this had been released, so I did think Yeah That said, from what I can hear RIAJ physical shipping ponytil [14].


snh48 ponytail to shushu pv

The rest of them are somewhat forgettable, though Takamina is a ponyhail in this vieo from what I can see! Also, Dawa pretending to be a model, she looks super awkward Dhushu thanks to Steve for posting about Idoling!!

Be sure to check out the video and listening to the sweet, summer night song! Gu Rui Gou Qing Composer: The fanclub page has also been redesigned! And outtakes from mai’s reign as Hello!

snh48 ponytail to shushu pv

It has been revealed that C-ute will release their first book detailing their history together.