Help us improve MSDN. The only method to clear this error has been to reboot the Windows server. A research agenda for distributed software development. Repository 2 Very good 5 Very good. What are the dependencies and how can they be satisfied? It can show for each line at which revision it was most recently changed, and by whom. Uses 5 Very good.

sourceoffsite 4.2

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If I have users exit their clients the file open status moves to another client until there are no other clients connected. How many plug-ins are present for it? MMC reported no open SourceSafe files, sysinternals utility handle. Changesets are a way to group a number of modifications that are relevant to each other in one atomic package that can be cancelled or propagated as needed. I opened my SourceSafe client and attempted to create a label and recieved the error.

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In this evaluation of Subversion, the authors included the capabilities of the following open source utilities built explicitly for Subversion: VSS uses a client-server model, when developers use a shared single repository. The open error is still recieved until the server is rebooted.


sourceoffsite 4.2

Tracking Line-wise File History: Uses 5 Very good. Typically, a complex bug that was finally fixed reappears again at a later stage or a component that was fully tested and accepted feature disappears from the final delivered system. VSS is subject to many criticisms about speed, corruption of databases and problems with storing non text files.

Log In Sign Up. Wikipedia compares 38 SCM proprietary and open source products using the following criteria: There are also two usability areas, namely the ease of administration including registry backup and the user interface issues of GUI, web and plug-in support.

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I have already tried renaming the project and then back to the inital name. Git was initially created by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. Eclipse exist Total score 10 15 9 Table 6: I will continue to monitor the file handles with process explorer and MMC.

sourceoffsite 4.2

Using 3 Supported 3 Not supported 0 Permissions project specific explicitly. I have analyzed the database, flushing the label cache and still recieve the error, analyze -FL -C -D -V4. So every developer involved in the project must be notified of any code changes. Or is access open for all?


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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. A third area concerns a sound architecture in terms of the stability and maturity of both the client and server-side repository, as well as the scalability to accommodate large projects.

This explains the opinion other users have about SourceOffSite 4. There is no FrontPage code, just source code and documents.

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Sign in to vote. The following technical characteristics should be evaluated.

sourceoffsite 4.2

Users that installed SourceOffSite 4. There 5 repository on can become is no server-side server side corrupted, if a hard as such. How soourceoffsite GUI clients are present for it?

An appropriate SCM is essential to successful management and completion of large system development projects.

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Reviews by other users – Press the Read reviews button. A way to uninstall SourceOffSite 4. Will the process Explorer diplay ssapi.