Unfold really bad lag by FlipSidez , 03 Aug Create account or Sign in. Here are a few: Letting people drop weapons at will kinda messes this up so I disabled it. This is another one that has eluded me from the very beginning.

sven coop afraid of monsters directors cut

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Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut file

I welcome any feedback you’re willing to give me, but before you post, please check here. You just might not see all the models etc I fixed up a lot of the directory tree this time around and removed unecessary shit, etc. I might release it since hes had this server for quite awhile and is only fair other people are allowed to have this mod for their own use.

I’ve attempted to narrow down the problem to a model issue, but it seems to do it sometimes even when I remove the David monster in the cutscene. It would be nice to have it all merged, both here and on the SC forums, since there is little to no reason to use the old version anymore.


Feedback should be constructive. This is another one that has eluded me from the very beginning. Not much I can do about it though. These plugins are completely optional. Enter the coma in 3 second R for hl 1?

sven coop afraid of monsters directors cut

I can delete this page afterwards. BlueSpark 04 Mar Report Afraid of Monsters: Directorss Jun 28 Scmapdb. Find out what you can do.

If you would be dirsctors to do the merge that would be fantastic. The problem with this however is that I had to write code to track each player’s flashlight level across the map change.

Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut file – Mod DB

Also, the knife seems to not spawn in the nightmare version on the first hospital map… I guess an update did this since the same problem happens with the other Afraid of Monsters coop upload. But it was kinda glitchy. FunGamesMaster 29 Jul Added missing skybox textures Added missing sound files. NoobSaibot Dec 8 God I hate wondering in the dark for 10 minutes. You can optionally vote for a training session if you want.


If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

Afraid of Monsters :: Sven Co-op General Discussions

Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears. My friend figured out how to run them though, i want to know who ran the AoM: WAS, it dosent work right with Sven Coop 4.

Since the original mod is like this anyway, I suppose you can view it as an authenticity thing. I only take credit for the content I made to make this playable in co-op. Last edited on 20 May Unfold Weapons don’t spawn anymore by BrastaSauce20 Feb Direchors request I have added missing files, and corrected wrong file paths of the latest version. Xul Apr 27 well, Point Man injects drugs all the time too:

sven coop afraid of monsters directors cut