Customers should be aware that the personal computer field is subject to many patents. If sound already in stalled, che ck our websit e for a udio dri ver upd ates. Quick S tart Guide. A short descrip tion of all avai lable d rivers f ollows:. Check the website for the latest BIOS update. If any chip appears to be loose, press carefully to seat it firmly in its socket.

sy k7vm333 manual

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The Start Up program automatically detects if the Acrobat Reader utility is already manusl in your system, and otherwise prompts you on whether or not you want to install it. The Start Up program displays the drivers available for the particular model of motherboard you own. Apply thermal paste to the die of the CPU. If you have any problem getting your system to work, please follow the troubleshooting tips in your user guide. This button w ill only work if your computer is.

Connections to the Motherboard.

Page 17 Step 1. Check if the power cord is plug into the power source.


sy k7vm333 manual

If you already checked the power supply specification, change the power supply it might be defective. Install the aud io driver s upplie d on our driver disc.

Soyo SY-K7VME User Manual – Page 1 of 30 |

The system t urns on f or some secon ds then shutdown by itself. LA N Co nn ec tor. My Western digital HDD is no t detected during b oot-up. Clea r CMOS battery. If you are interested in our products, please contact the SOYO sales department in the region you live.

Y ou must install t he. Check t he website for any BIOS updates. Try clearing the CMOS.

User guide | Soyo SY-K7VME Motherboard

AGP cards running at 3. Audio Issue I cannot get the sound working on my system. I cannot get the sound wo rking o n my system. Make su re to get yo ur kanual. Change t he mem ory mod ule or C PU. Connect y our pow er switc h to this header moment ary switch type. It is also po ssible to set alarms when curren t system values. Unpacking When unpacking the motherboard, check for the following items: Please choose your motherboard model number and press K77vm333. Click t he Install Driv ers butto n to disp lay the li st of driver s soft ware t hat can b e instal led wit h your.


sy k7vm333 manual

Check if t he power s upply is ok. Clear CMOS batt ery.

Follow the dir ection s in this sectio n, whic h is desi gned to guide yo u throu gh a quic k and cor rect. Gather and prepare all necessar y components to com plete th e installat ion succ essfully: If you want to use an external speaker connected k7vm33 “Line-out” port, please make sure ,anual use an “amplified speaker” that can generate proper output sound volume. Select which driver you want to install and click OK, or click Cancel to abort the driver installation and return to the main menu.

User’s Manual USB 2. T hese fo ur driver s are:.