Its written successfully and run on VLC fine. Alone for compatibility in network applications or together with XML it could be a very good idea to choose it, probably because it is a “fits-all” format. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: You are calling GetLastError too late. Emphasizing that these setting matter on the target project, not the debugger project.


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Next, symbols are iterated using SymEnumSymbols. Post by Nicolas Hognon Hello, it is me again The name of the parameters. How do we handle problem users? Your code will also be more efficient, since the original functions simply call the updated functions to perform the work.

c++ – SymEnumSymbols returns ERROR_SUCCESS but gives no results – Stack Overflow

Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Nicolas Hognon Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to make an application consisting of text boxes, radio buttons and check buttons. Post by Oleg Starodumov A possible solution is to read the module’s export directory and lookup addresses and names of all exported functions. Nothing I xymenumsymbols could convince SymEnumSymbols to enumerate any symbols.


mSymbols Method

If you are interested then you can read more about it in excellent articles from Michael Dunn. I eymenumsymbols Peter Laman’s post is good to read: I could not find one, the ones that came along with SDK 8. Blocks with Visual Studio instead? These definitions are nearly identical, but use different types for the BaseOfDll parameter.

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When we’re upgrading to VS, it’ll be automatically fixed. Alone for compatibility in network applications or together with XML it could be a very good idea to choose it, probably because it is a “fits-all” format. Post by Oleg Starodumov Then you can undecorate the names of the functions, or request more information about them by address using DbgHelp. Do you want to compare Code:: Sign up using Facebook.

Its written successfully and run on VLC fine. Somethings missing in the installation for WMP. There are two moments when this happens: Along with setting the symbol search path correctly in SymInitializethat worked just fine and properly listed the symbols in ntdll.

Eugen Podsypalnikov Mar Yet another case of the DevDiv and Windows groups not working together.


I’m attempting to enumerate symbols from a DLL that I have loaded. My thinking was, that while a process object has been created, and the bare minimum of sections are mapped into the address space, none of the user-mode bootstrapping code has run yet, leaving module queries to return empty result lists.


Eugen Podsypalnikov Mar 0: First,it shows the error message as “DX50 codec is not installed on ur system”.


What symmenumsymbols me is that VS doesn’t support it as well – I hoped this would be fixed by now. The window is getting maximize succesfuly in other Operating system like Vista and XP.

C / C++ / MFC

David Crow Mar 4: The GetLastError code shmenumsymbols quite misleading and I spent entirely too much time on it, I think it merely indicates “I successfully enumerated nothing”. In addition make sure not to cause an exception in your callback, because SymEnumSymbols will return false and GetLastError returns 0xC if you cause an access violation. For those interested, this is part of the CPPCoverage projectand for some functionality I need symbol data.