Lifespan of installation until removal. The game is programmed to offer the human player the best side of such a trade often the reds or oranges if you have at least one of them and something else to trade with , so consider accepting that first trade. The other settings are iffy. Give it a shot! Comments Error posting comment. If you choose not to abuse those bugs, when the last property is purchased, the computer will almost always propose a multilateral trade that gets everyone involved at least one monopoly. The main program executable is monopolypromo.

tikgames monopoly

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No Sound The game is fine just it has no sound and I do not know how to get it?

tikgames monopoly

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. So will the computer trying to sell a hotel when there aren’t at least 4 houses available. Rankings 18, Vacation Quest: Which countries install it? I wanted to comment because it itkgames me a while to figure out how to play– You have to press f1 to get the option to start a new game.

Monopoly is one of the most entertaining and popular games of all times. Monopoly Deluxe Item Preview. Repeat until the trade is ready, then click “propose.

tikgames monopoly

KevinKitt – favorite favorite favorite favorite – August 5, Subject: If more than one player tries to buy the last house s as part of the same turn, the game will auction them off instead.


The game allows for some user-based rule changes such as money given for landing on “Free Parking”. Zylom is a distributor of PC casual games that offers both online and downloadable games through its own website zylom.

Choosing to “save as default” in the options will save the changes permanently in a secret file that Internet Archive maintains for you. Highlight the first property to trade in the sender’s inventory, then click on the player token in the inventory window of the player who will receive it. Should I remove Monopoly Deluxe?

Monopoly r – Download

Monopoly Deluxe is a conversion of the classic board game. In addition to the logic bugs above, there are several bugs that effectively crash the game outright. But then after that, i cant do anything.

tikgames monopoly

The main program executable is monopolypromo. How common is it? Uploaded by Software Library on December 26, Thank you for commenting! Versions Version Distribution 1.

So with sound out of the way the game is good a bit monopopy but that is to be expected. I went into the options and turned off all the animations and sped the token movement up to max.

Monopoly – Download for Windows

Which Windows OS versions does it run on? You can turn off the computer rolling on or off with F2 — consider doing so before accepting a trade if the housing stock is low, as the computer might buy all the remaining houses before you get a chance.


Brogamer – favorite favorite favorite favorite – November 12, Subject: To learn what file types can be opened by Monopoly please visit WikiExt. The computer will continue to offer trades every few turns if possible to try to get even more monopolies consolidated in a player’s computer or human hands.

All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Still, if you can resist taking advantage of the computer’s inability to value properties, it makes for a decent Monopoly game with some mild-to-moderate challenge. A Few Glitches If you use F1 to start the game, it works fairly well.

Monopoly Review Monopoly is one of the most entertaining and popular games of all times.