And if you want both? When taking everything into consideration, MBC is an incredibly versatile and desirable plug-in, and for this type of processor, the price is quite reasonable too. The information provided on this page is merely a guide and does not necessarily constitute the final price and conditions of the product. Only the prices shown on each dealers’ website constitute each dealers’ final sale price. Write a user review.

vengeance-sound multiband compressor

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With MBC, you also have to factor in the sheer creativity that DPC affords, which is a rare thing in the rather dour world of mastering effects. But why go multiband? Vengeance-Sound reckon that DPC is just vengeanxe-sound ticket for breathing dynamic life back into overly compressed or limited tracks, and when the settings are dialled in judiciously, this can be achieved.

Vengeance-Sound Multiband Compressor | MusicRadar

Evngeance-sound listen to our audio demos to hear what the Multiband Compressor can do: Final prices and conditions are provided by dealers on their web sites.

We tried it on full mixes ranging from tech house to chillout tracks and found that it can really push the loudness while pulling together the bottom, mid-range and treble. MBC’s master output limiter is initially unimpressive, with audible pumping; however, disengage its auto release mode and set it to a fast time and it’s right up there with the likes of Ozone 4’s limiter, which is to say that it’s excellent.

Then MBC goes beyond being merely a good deal to become a total no-brainer. The information provided on this page is merely a guide and does not necessarily venegance-sound the compgessor price and conditions of the product.


On one hand, it is a very good-sounding multiband compressor and veneance-sound, but to our ears, it’s not quite as rich or as phattening as the likes of Waves L3 or Sonalksis MultiLimit. Only the prices shown on each dealers’ website constitute each dealers’ final sale price. It’s fair to say that this plug-in looks awesome in action. Did you see an error on this page? Log in Become a member.

Solid multiband dynamics combined compfessor a creative edge makes MBC an extremely desirable plug-in for dance-heads. Vengeance-Sound made their name with their acclaimed sound libraries, but now they also make plug-ins. There’s a knob for setting the strength of the amplitude modulation, a button to flip the curve upside down, and you can have the DPC take place either before or after the per-band limiter.

Our only gripe is that the compression gain reduction meters are quite short but go right down to dB, so when applying ‘sensible’ amounts of compression eg, a few dBthe meters are barely tickled.

Vengeance-Sound Multiband Compressor

Alternatively, they can be used to enhance a great mix by applying targeted compression or limiting, enabling you to pull specific frequencies of the track together without the level and balance multigand affected by other bands.

The meters give genuinely useful visual feedback on the levels of signals going into and out of sections as well as the amount of attenuation going on.

vengeance-sound multiband compressor

Vengeance Sound Multiband Compressor. DPC is a fantastic creative tool too.


Vengeance Mastering Suite: Multiband Compressor Plugin

We found that this made it less suitable for ‘natural’ sonic material such as recordings of real instruments. You can set the slope of the filters that divide the bands, from a very loose 6dB resulting in lots of compresxor from one to another to a ruthlessly surgical 96dB.

vengeance-sound multiband compressor

In simple terms, then, MBC has two target audiences: Timing-wise, you can set it so that each step represents a 16th-note, eighth-note or quarter-note. Report an error on this page.

Multiband dynamics can be used as a corrective measure, to make a quiet, weak bottom end louder and more consistent, for example.

vengeance-sound multiband compressor

Take a closer look and you’ll uncover a huge range of options. Multiband Compressor, Software multiband compressor from Vengeance Sound. And if you want both? Prices shown here are subject to errors. Then there are the dazzling meters and displays. Excellent single-band master limiter. It’s all very straightforward.

Prices shown here are subject to errors including, but not limited to, typographic errors, technical limitations, prices that may not be up-to-date, and mismatch errors that may arise between which product is shown on the dealer feed and Audiofanzine.

All that glitters is gold Take a closer look and you’ll uncover a huge range of options.