If people like this I can make a nice GUI for it. If the source is a directory then scan all images of the directory. Advanced, need or not? These additional keywords may change their meanings if a new compression method is implemented. If not set, the original ID is used. The tracks resides in. Both option can be set multiple times to decrease or increase the verbosity.

wwt wiimms wbfs tool

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If progress is enabled, the default of –dsync is changed.

wwt wiimms wbfs tool

Progress counter is enabled if set at least two times. Disable output file splitting. Print keys and signatures as hex or base64 dump.

wwt wiimms wbfs tool

The new discname is now used to create the filename. If –verbose is set at least twice, printing is enabled too. Wiimm May 8, The GCZ support is very new, so please use it only with backups of your images and don’t be anger, if it destroy something.

Instead of using the stored one an internal memory map of used blocks is built. RbootE Jan 10, The destination path is scanned for escape sequences see option –esc to allow generic paths.


wwt: Wiimms WBFS Tool

Hool new keywords can be used to minimze the dump print IDs only. In this case, the last added image may be shorter as planned. Detect soft and hard linked source files while composing or extracting discs and try to create hard links instead of independent copies on the destination file system. But there are some already planned extensions: Discussion in ‘ Wii – Hacking ‘ started by WiimmSep 28, Then look into each disc slot to find valid discs and restore them.

Use the option with caution! Be verbose and print more progress information. Do you already have an account?

Debian — Details of package wit in stretch

Sauvegarde jeu japonais denis Set image output file type to WDF and force version 1. Parameter MODE is optional.

wwt wiimms wbfs tool

This results in an error on FAT partitions. Option –section is supported for each log level.

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If extracting files the path names of the source discs are removed. Select ‘mtime’ last modification time for printing. Print version of “System Menu” if update partition found. Detect soft and hard linked source files while composing or extracting discs and try to create hard links instead of independent copies on wiijms destination file system.


wwt+wit: Wiimms WBFS+ISO Tools | – The Independent Video Game Community

When compressing a file with method MEM see –compression the the compression method, level and chunk size are selected with respect to this limit. All keywords are possible.

This patching option changes the ID of the disc to the given parameter. Encrypted blocks are stored directly as uncompressed data, because the Filesystem mapping is only supported on real linux systems yet ,but neither for Mac nor for Cygwin.

The great advantage is the easier management of the shared sources. Return tol the Jodi. List all discs of WBFS partitions with date, time, size and region.