Thank you Honey Wolf. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Like it a lot! If you had a version that would allow me to develop on the Mac I’d buy this in a heart beat. I will keep you updated. Hi everybody, feel free to check out the nice little WebPlayer demo here. Hi everybody, the new xaitMap is now available on our Web Store.


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Just some few more days! BarielOct 1, The purpose of the new XaitNavmeshCutComponent is to remove parts of the NavMesh dynamically during runtime of the game.

xaitMap – New Version of Pathfinding/Movement solution for Unity released

Lastly a few queries on the licensing front: Hi Bariel, thank you for your questions. You can find the complete xaifmap in our forum.

The new xaitNavMeshCutComponent in combination with our cool surface components and toggable dynamic blockers gives you great flexibility in creating, maintaining and modyfing navmesh and movement to your needs.



We will keep you posted. Will look into this awesome middleware for potential next title.

Try out the new version and keep the feedback coming. I’m a bit confused about the Xait offerings as well.


ThorstenMay 23, When you add this component to an object, then the area which is covered by the bounding box of the object will get removed from the NavMesh. As always, more details xaltmap be found in the documenation. ToadSep 30, Our buildings have walkable interiors, and are placed at runtime by the player.


Please note that we have summarized some useful hints for you here. I looked at this a while back. Hi Toad, the editor itself is ported.

Middleware: xaitMap

ThorstenMay 25, Apr 11, Posts: This looks pretty cool, I like it. Check our support portal if you have any questions. Please have a look at the following videos to get an impression of the work-flow and the features daitmap by the plugin.


As it stands, I’m not going to look at any more of your products because I don’t want the xxaitmap of that hitting that issue again. Jul 2, Posts: May 26, Posts: Hi everybody, we are happy to announce the release of xaitMap for Unity 1.

Xaitmap download

The resulting path will also be collision-free. Check out this article in our forum, as well. Like it a lot! Does the Unity integration support units with different radii? ThorstenSep 13, You can find the changelog here.

But surelly looks really good and nice ThorstenJul 16,