After you have dealt with how to properly import your footage the next step is NOT to start editing but to learn how thoroughly you can organize your imported footage in the Library Browser. The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions. We have four available plugins, and the one you should purchase will depend on the Operating System and Sony Base Application you are using:. So that’s the next important step in learning FCP X. It was frustrating being ready to get stuck into that new take on logging my shots, then not be able to import them! I hope you will tell us more about your project “in the wilds” and if you have any questions we are here to assist you. These simple-to-use applications for Windows or Mac OS X allow everyone to easily browse and copy videos recorded by the various XDCAM camcorder or deck series to other devices such as hard drives.

xdcam browser 2.1

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xdcam browser 2.1

That said, the way one handles XDCAM optical media is a handful, and considering FCPX’s greatest strength is digital media asset management, its one of the few areas of the software that I think under-delivers – in this specific instance. Advanced Pack is an optional add-on that is unlocked by a serial number given to you at the time of broswer.

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Hi Bernadette, We all have different ways of editing, some swear by keyboard shortcuts and others prefer using the mouse and the menus. In the meantime Sony have once more changed their software.


This may change going forward. This link is Sony’s CA site, correct?

This powerful xdcak allows users to significantly improve and speed up overall XDCAM production workflow in a variety of projects. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

xdcam browser 2.1

So, I have to re-learn every simple command from scratch so it feels like I’m starting all over, which is very frustrating – especially when you live remotely. Print Clip Information This feature enables export of list information about clips and clip lists stored in recording media or a folder.

I was looking in the wrong place. And this same flower that smiles to-day To-morrow will be dying. I can confirm that Content Browser works well under Yosemite here, but I have learned that what works on one system after an update does .21 necessarily work on other updated systems.

New PDZK-LT2 plugin for FCPX; XDCAM Browser 2.1 + 3.0 Preview

I’m having the same issue on my macbook pro. Index Recent Topics Search. They also serve as a bridging tool to transcode XDCAM content into different formats by using predefined profiles. I did try to reinstall the Import plug-in, but it just won’t work.

xdcam browser 2.1

I am running Happy to hear you had figured this out as well. For some reason it’s not on their US site yet. I’ve, possibly mistakenly in retrospect, upgraded to Yosemite and now Sony Content Browser is running so slow it’s unusable. Or the easiest way: Those are not the US downloads.


Remember me Forgot your password? It’s just a matter of experience. But right now I’d just be briwser to be able to see my pix in growser same resolution in FCP as I see in the content browser! At this time we are not providing support for Sony Content Browser versions after 2.

Content Browser has been replaced with Catalyst Browse, which reads any of the dozens of different proprietary codecs Sony has come up with. This all works very nicely with Browwer tranfer, but doesnt with browsee new plugin. Since this has been the case for a number of years, it seems the bureaucracy at whatever dept.

But at least I can start, now I’m confident the settings are right. Features of the Advanced Pack include: Again, I can’t see how I’d change that option? If you have any BPAV folders at the root of your drive you can move them from the drive or xdccam put them inside another folder not called BPAV of course on the drive to solve this. If it works for you and you want to use it on a daily basis you will have to buy it.